Now, if you thought that the main event of last night was spectacular, it reached to the highest note when “The Man” returned to confront “The Guy” and went right after the WWE championship which was his property at one point. Now, with the Architect’s epic return on Extreme Rules, what change he will bring with him when he will return to Monday Night Raw? Here’s WWE Raw preview for the night.

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“Rusev crush” begins

Kalisto’s reign as the United States champion came to an end in the hands of Rusev who gave a vicious beatdown to the former champ and perhaps started his brutal reign as the US champion, once he was synonymous for. With the King of Flight down with a backbreaking accolade that was locked in just, Rusev has the golden opportunity to start where he had to relinquish his title in 2015. Will Rusev be able to ride again with a title reign and an undefeated streak from tonight’s WWE Raw?


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