WWE Raw was live this week from the thunderous Philly crowd as Stephanie McMahon welcomed us to kick things off. She informs us that Triple H will not be here tonight due to corporate responsibilities to WWE. It has nothing to do with Reigns’ attack last week. He also reminds everybody that Reigns will never be the champion as he does not have what it takes to be the champion. After defragmenting Triple H last week on WWE Raw now Reigns is on his way to staking his claim on The Authority’s territory in Raw’s opening moments. Not only he vowed to dethrone the King of Kings at Wrestlemania but also prevented an attempt of Stephanie McMahon slapping into his face. (WWE Raw results courtesy wwe.com)


Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles

Kevin Owens had an eventful night on WWE Raw. First, he was placed in the re-match from Smackdown which was ruined by Jericho’s presence and this time too saw no exception. AJ locked in his pendant submission hold the calf-crusher only to Jericho distracting him once again which allowed Owens to get a roll-up victory. But, KO’s night was far from over. He got interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn, and The Miz while delivering a post-match speech. All of them seem hungry for their Intercontinental championship shot. KO requested Stephanie to sanction a triple threat match for determining the number one contender.


Big E vs. Rusev

It started with a Twitter war and now had gone on to become a Wrestlemania rivalry. With extreme heat going on between the two teams, Big E took on Rusev on WWE Raw. The number game was evened when Big E shoved the Bulgarian off to Del Rio. The League of Nations certainly did their part to neutralize New Day’s teamwork by taking out Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods at ringside. But, it was not enough to put down Kofi who gave a kick to the head of Rusev while the referee was distracted and paved way for Big E to deliver the Big Ending.


Big Show declared for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The social outcasts are the first to declare themselves as the first entrants of the Andre the giant memorial battle royal. Heathy Baby, Bo Dallas, The Ax Man and The Radical Mongoose officially received a giant-sized challenge when Big Show declared himself for the Battle Royal this week. They interrupted the giant’s announcement and started a four-on-one attack on him. But things messed up when Kane showed up and sent all of them home.


Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

It was a rematch from Wrestlemania 29 which saw an upset when Fandango defeated Jericho. This time, too the same outcome was evident after AJ Styles showed up on the ramp to provide a distraction on the ramp and Fandango went for the same roll-up that gave him the win on 2013 Wrestlemania. But, Jericho did manage to connect with a Codebreaker and picked up the win. He did not want to mess up further with Styles but the two competitors have their sight set for Wrestlemania.


Zack Ryder vs. Sin Cara vs. Stardust

#KOMania got shaped up just as the thought. The Prizefighter wanted to get rid of the number one contender as the scheduled match was destined to determine it. He interfered in between the match to disqualify each one involved in the match. Unfortunately, Owens’ plans went south in a hurry when Zayn, Ziggler, and Miz came to the ring to confront the Intercontinental Champion, leading to a brawl between everybody involved. The brawl ultimately resulted a seven-man Intercontinental championship ladder match at Wrestlemania with KO defending against Zayn, Ziggler, Miz, Ryder, Sin Cara and Stardust.


Roman Reigns attacked WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H in the parking lot

The Game did the smartest thing by keeping a distance from Roman Reigns. He just reached the arena to pick up Stephanie from the parking lot and exit but Reigns had something different in his mind. He was waiting there to hunt down the Game once again. Stephanie is greeted by Triple H. They get into a vehicle to leave the arena. As the security gate opens Reigns is standing there. Roman pulls Triple H out of the truck and beats him down. Triple H manages to run away and hop back in the truck and drive it away.


Charlotte vs. Natalya

The challenge of Brie, Paige, Alicia and Natalya herself to Lana and team BAD remains unanswered as the Queen of Harts once again looked to prove herself against Charlotte. It once again followed a tough battle after their grueling encounter at WWE Roadblock. But, for three consecutive times, Charlotte reigned supreme against Natalya. With Becky and Sasha being present at Ringside Natalya managed to lock in the Sharp-shooter but Charlotte somehow countered it to hit the Natural Selection for the win.


Bubba Ray Dudley vs. R-Truth

The Dudleyz were back in home in Philadelphia and beat the hell out of Truth. Truth fought with all that he had but a miscommunication with Goldust means that he did not have any partner to help when the D-Von was providing distraction in the match and Bubba picked up the win with a big boot. It took the arrival of The Usos to finally dispel The Dudley Boyz though D-Von narrowly escaped being put on a table by the Dudleys’ WrestleMania opponents.


Mr. McMahon made a blockbuster announcement on Raw

Vince previously stated the match as “his greatest creation vs. his greatest failure” on last week whereas this week he described Shane as “the most formidable opponent Undertaker has ever faced at WrestleMania.” Insult was also stored for the Undertaker too as mentioned the Phenom as his “bitch.” The stipulation added by him to the match was that if the Undertaker does not win the match at Wrestlemania then I will be his last ever appearance on the grandest stage of them all. After dodging himself from getting a chokeslam from the Undertaker, this week he indeed made Taker looking as his puppet.


Braun Strowman vs. Dean Ambrose

Braun Strowman should thank Dean himself that he did use only a chair on WWE Raw and did not bring out Terry Funk’s chainsaw to make a statement against the biggest Wyatt of them all after a grueling battle in WWE Raw’s main event. Paul Heyman was present alongside the ring whose client Brock Lesnar will take on the Lunatic Fringe at Mania in a No holds barred street fight but that did not prevent Dean to going berserk against the mountain of a man that Strowman is. Dean made his statement ahead of the presence of the beast on this week’s Smackdown when he hit the superhuman dirty deeds to the black sheep on the chair which left Heyman speechless.


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