WWE Raw was live on November 28 from the Flair country in Charlotte, North Carolina. Quite expectedly, the Queen hailing from the city was the main attraction of the night. The show was headlined by the renewed rivalry between Charlotte and Sasha Banks, as they squared off again for the Raw Women’s championship. Here are all the happenings from the night:

Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel

WWE Raw kicked off with Jericho hosting the highlight reel with his best friend, Kevin Owens. They talked about how they had a great time last week in their homeland of Canada. Roman Reigns then came out with insane boos from the crowd. A heated confrontation took place to set up the main event for the night with Owens and Reigns going against each other. If Reigns wins, then he’ll be get a Universal title shot at the Roadblock PPV.



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