WWE Raw Preview : 19th Oct 2015

Arindam Paul / 19 October 2015

Brock Lesnar’s Go To Hell Tour gets a stoppage before its final showdown on Sunday night and 2 Hall of Famers Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels along with The Deadman himself awaits him to the ride. Also, Lesnar will sit up with Stone Cold Steve Austin after the show in his podcast. The Texas Rattlesnake will surely have stored some hard hitting questions for the Beast and this one is going to be an intense one for sure. Here’s what we can expect from the night.

The final chapter

Things tend to go to out of hands whenever The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar is under one roof and this one should be no exception. Will we witness these two ripping themselves apart before writing their final chapter inside that unforgiving steel? Which one of these two will gain the upper hand in the last night they meet before the brawl. And surely the Beast will have a lot to say about the confrontation after the show in the podcast. We just can’t wait for the segment.

The Showstopper with the Flair

Along with the Deadman and the Beast Raw will also play the host to the Hall of Famers The Nature Boy Ric Flair and The Showstopper Shawn Michaels. These two have a long history and some iconic moments will wait as they will drop by in Dallas, Texas. What will be their opinion about the most anticipated Hell in a Cell match in recent history? Who will they pick as the winner for the other HIAC match?

What should be the survival strategy inside the Cell according to them for Roman Reigns who is stepping inside it for the very first time against the Eater of the World Bray Wyatt? Though their real reason for the visit is yet to be unveiled, a lot is anticipated from them.

“Prophecy” awaits for Roman

It was not enough for Roman to step inside the Hell structure with the eater of the World as he is storing some ‘prophecy’ for Roman for Tonight. Whatever that is, it surely is going to unveil some impact before the impending clash inside the steel.

After witnessing what his cousin Rikishi went through 15 years ago after competing in a Cell match who was never the same again, Roman is aware what is at stake inside the demon playground. So, the question is will the ‘prophecy’ change the complexion of the match?


Paige intend to reunite….or being the modest Heel?

Last week Smackdown saw some strange things. At first Paige apologized for her actions towards Natalya and then joined forces to unleash herself against the Bellas. But that feel-good moment vanished when Natalya found unconscious inside the locker room.

Who is the real reason behind them? As the queen of hearts joined forces to the Divas revolution two weeks back the first suspect behind this incident is Paige. But we can’t count out Team Bella or team BAD from the equation who may try to put the blame on Paige. Or was it a new competitor who just is trying to make a name for himself?



Hell tour continues for Demon Kane too

Corporate Kane took control of Raw last week creating a lumberjack match between Demon Kane and Seth Rollins. That decision did not go  well with the Authority. Will Kane be punished for that or will he keep unleashing hell on Rollins?

He surely had become Rollins’ nightmare by not only playing mind games with him but also getting a pinfall victory over him last week which was an untitled match. After suffering the defeat, Rollins is definitely worried about his title defense about Monday. Will he gain some momentum on the last night before Hell in a Cell?

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