The Game overcame the Ambrose Asylum on Saturday and he will walk into Pittsburgh with the WWE title with him. Now that, Roman reigns is still waiting for him at Wrestlemania, what message will he keep in store for the Samoan Big Dog? Here’s WWE Raw preview for tonight. (courtesy

Road is clear for Triple H
WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H managed to Pedigree Dean Ambrose and escape Toronto with the title. But, now he is waiting for a showdown at the show of shows against Roman Reigns. Not only that, he owes a payback after he shattered Reigns’ nose causing him surgically repaired the nose. Now, since then Reigns is absent in WWE and now that the Game has beaten his best buddy Ambrose, what message will the WWE world heavyweight champion have in store for both the brothers. Furthermore, Ambrose is not the guy who will be satisfied with the consolation prize of a tremendous performance which gave him nothing. So what chaos will he bring onto WWE Raw?

Bitter emotions between father and son
If the Universe thinks that Shane is not capable of standing against the Undertaker inside the Hell in a Cell, you should re-live the matches that he had been part over the years. Unarguably he has competed in some of the most brutal matches in WWE history. Now, his greater enemy as of now is his father himself by playing mind-games with him with the company’s future at stake at Wrestlemania. Last week, we saw the boss stomping a photo of them into pieces. This week some more will follow for sure from Mr. McMahon.

#komania or #zaynmania?
Kevin Owens had boasted about weeks that he had not an opponent scheduled for Wrestlemania. Now, after last week, he may have got not one but two opponents heading towards Wrestlemania. Sami Zayn had returned to WWE RAW last week to attack his nemesis, Owens. He teamed up against Neville on Smackdown to derail KO from his momentum. #komania is waiting to shape up with the only question remaining will we see a triple threat among them?

Lana’s aggression
It is still unknown why Lana is going after the only remaining member of the Bella army, Brie Bella. With Wrestlemania coming up, The Ravishing Russian has certainly picked an opportune time to make Brie’s life miserable. As the grandest stage approaching, everyone in the locker room will look to make a statement and certainly Lana is heading to the same way. Now how will Brie look to fight back against the blonde Russian? Hopefully, we will get an answer on WWE Raw.

What’s next for a split Y2-AJ
If there was any confusion about Y2AJ, that was shattered when Jericho burnt the new Y2AJ t-shirt on Smackdown as if three codebreaker to AJ was not enough to signify that the tag team was over officially. Jericho mocked the Universe for cheering AJ styles over the accomplishments that he had done in his 17-year long career. Now, with Jericho also confirmed that he still has unfinished business with the Phenomenal one, will we see Jericho vs. Styles IV shaping up on tonight’s WWE Raw?

The New Day to defend WWE Tag Team Titles against The League of Nations

The New Day will defend their tag team championship on RAW against League of Nations
It’s breaking the news that is confirmed by WWE. After the League of Nations complained that New Day retained their title only because of the numbers advantage was on their side, The New Day reacted that they are set to defend their title, anytime, anywhere. This sets up the match on WWE Raw tonight. New Day was able to retain the title courtesy Xavier Woods’ distraction on WWE Roadblock, but will they be able to save themselves tonight? Things will unfold on WWE Raw tonight.

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