Dean Ambrose is definitely not resting until he enters the Barclays center in Brooklyn, New York, where the go-home WWE Raw will take place tonight. After the kendo stick assault has stopped by a vicious F-5 the unhinged one will certainly look for retribution. Also, how will the Undertaker respond to the announcement from last week i.e. if he can’t defeat Shane at Wrestlemania, his Wrestlemania journey will be over? Let’s take a look at tonight’s WWE Raw preview. (WWE Raw preview is courtesy

Is Reigns the new Authority?
WWE world heavyweight champion and the COO of the company has managed to evade another vicious beat-down by escaping with his SUV last week, but he won’t get any of any gateway at the AT&T stadium when he defends his title against Reigns at Wrestlemania. But six nights before that anticipated Show of Shows main event, Reigns and Triple H will cross paths in Brooklyn on WWE Raw. Reigns also made a statement by thwarting the Dudleyz on Smackdown and said he is the new Authority in WWE today. How will the Game respond to this statement?

How far will Ambrose have to go to slay the beast?
With the former hardcore legends giving him packs of gifts (Mick Foley’s Barb-wire and Terry Funk’s Chainsaw), the Lunatic Fringe is more than ready to enter into the No holds Barred street fight against the Beast incarnate. But, the problem is Lesnar just needs an F-5 to put the Lunatic away and every move in Ambrose’s arsenal has been countered by that F-5, till date, the same maneuver that took out the likes of John Cena, Triple H, The Rock and the Undertaker. Ambrose’s onslaught attack by Kendo stick, on Smackdown, ended by eating another F-5. But, the Lunatic fringe will certainly look to get a piece of the beast once again on WWE Raw before their hardcore battle. Will he be successful this time?

Final Wrestlemania for the Undertaker?
As if the stakes weren’t already high in the anticipated Hell in a Cell Match between Shane McMahon and The Undertaker at WrestleMania, Mr. McMahon added another startling stipulation to the bout i.e. if Undertaker does lose to Wrestlemania it will be his last stepping into the Showcase of immortals. That leaves us with two ways, either Shane takes control of WWE Raw or we will see the Phenome walking away from Wrestlemania, forever. Just six days before Wrestlemania, how will the two warriors respond to the bombshell announcement from Vince McMahon on WWE Raw?

Will Jericho accept AJ Styles’ Wrestlemania challenge?
Everyone wants to see Syles vs. Jericho IV at Wrestlemania except Jericho. Styles has made the challenge last week on WWE Raw but Jericho has denied accepting. Even in an interview from “The Best in the World at What He Does” vehemently declined the challenge, saying he would rather “sit out” at WrestleMania than face Styles again. Will the Phenomenal one pursuit the match once again on WWE Raw?

“Total Divas” match at Wrestlemania?
Emma returned on Tuesday Night to make the alliance event stronger with Lana, Naomi, Tamina and Summer Rae and stacked the odd against Brie Bella, Paige, Alicia Fox and Natalya. Clearly, the five-Diva squad has a numbers advantage against the stars of “Total Divas,” with the original match was supposed to be a 4-on-4 match at Wrestlemania? Will the Total Divas star-cast manage to find a new member and even the odds?

Who will gain momentum before #KOMania?
Kevin Owens wanted #KOMania and the whole thing has blown onto his face lately. He will have to defend his title against six others competitors in a ladder match at Wrestlemania. Owens had an interview in where he dismissed his six opponents and namely Zack Ryder calling him “Zack Daddy.” Though, it has Ryder who planted him with Rough Ryder on Smackdown. Will we see a new man from the mix to gain the upper-hand before heading into the match up at Wrestlemania? We will have all the answers on WWE Raw.

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