Undertaker’s returns have always chilled out our spines and last week was no exception. These two’s war with the Wyatt family had reached the crescendo and the tournament for the WWE championship had reached the quarter-finals. As the 29th annual Survivor Series is in its final lap what to expect from tonight’s show?


Must-see match: Cesaro vs. Romans

Let’s sum up this one with one line. This one can create some cracks on the earth. Just can’t wait for this one. The Cesaro section will wait eagerly for their boy to get the big break finally, but Roman is not the one to leave an inch inside the ring. He surely is the man on a mission. Will the uppercut express prevail or the Roman Empire is destined to build?


Ambrose Asylum vs. The Showoff

Tyler Breeze has missed his chance to face his first so-called rival in WWE i.e. Dolph Ziggler in the tournament when he was defeated by the Lunatic Fringe last week. This one going to be one hell of a match as the two nuts will tear each other apart despite both of them are not hundred percent. The question is will the Prince pretty interfere or not?



Big upset by Kalisto

The biggest upset thus far in the tournament is done by Kalisto when he defeated The Big Guy Ryback on Smackdown last week. But the leader of the Mex-American nation is waiting for him in the way. Given the history, he had with another masked one called Rey Mysterio it is quite easy to say that the underdog will give a terrific fight to the US champion.


Fight or Flight?

NXT fans will be thrilled over this one as the two former NXT champions will battle it out for the final spot in the semis. These two already had some tooth and nail fight in the past at NXT and this time too it has to be no exception. Will fight Owens fight will continue in his way or the Highflyer emerge victoriously?


Hell on Earth

Survivor Series may justify its name when it is done for. Who will be the Ultimate Survivor in the Tag team contest challenged by the Wyatts to the Brothers of Destruction? We don’t know yet who will be facing Taker and Kane from the Wyatt family in the match? Surely we are going to get an update on that tonight but will the Wyatt family rest in peace…..after stealing the brothers’ souls. Have the brothers recovered fully? This week’s RAW is going to be one much-anticipated one with some classic matches.

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