WWE Raw preview-The Shield reunites: June 13th, 2016

WWE Raw preview – The Shield reunites: June 13th, 2016

With just six days away from their Wrestlemania-worthy match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Roman reigns and Seth Rollins will be the guests on the Ambrose Asylum show, hosted by the Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose. Now, the reunion of the Shield makes the special edition of Ambrose Asylum a must-watch. What can the WWE Universe expect with the former Shield brethren being present in the ring at the same time? Plus, we might have a clue about the seventh and final participant for the Money in the bank Ladder match as WWE Raw comes live tonight from the home of Wrestlemania 30, New Orleans, LA. Here’s what to expect from the night.

(WWE Raw preview is courtesy wwe.com)



How will the Shield reunion go down?

The best scenario for the Lunatic Fringe is that he survives through all the chaos and perhaps, this motto of himself brings him tonight to host his talk show Ambrose Asylum with his former brothers, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins. Our gut feelings tell us that the showdown is bound to be going intense for sure. It will be physical, to say the least. With “The Guy” still to get his hands on the returning Seth Rollins, the show may very well be his very last chance to make some momentum for coming Sunday. So, the question remains can The Lunatic Fringe be able to keep “The Man” and “The Guy” separate from each other?



The last one to join the fray

It will be everyone looking to make their claims at the Money in the Bank briefcase ladder match on Sunday. But, Kevin Owens may be the one who has been the loudest in the fray. He turned his back against his own partner Alberto Del Rio on Smackdown and sure to continue with his quirkiest backstabbing on Raw. The rest of the fray will surely look to make an own statement over the briefcase with a guaranteed opportunity for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship which will create a chaos for sure. Plus, we might get to know the final and seventh participant who will compete in the ladder match. Perhaps, a huge surprise in the name of Bray Wyatt or Randy Orton is in store.



Tag team chaos will continue

With the stolen idea from the former general manager of Smackdown, Teddy Long, Stephanie had announced a blockbuster Fatal-4-way tag team championship match at Money in the Bank which already created a chaos in the tag team division. The New Day will defend their title against three of the worthy competitor in the division, to say the least. Watch out for the Club, though, as they have been on a roll, as of late and will sure to leave a preview of their sin which they will look to perform at the Sin City, Las Vegas on Sunday. The other two teams are no less and will sure to make some momentum heading towards the show-stellar for the pay-per-view, on WWE Raw.



Titus, the true American

It’s now official that Titus O’Neil will have the United States Championship match at the Money in the Bank PPV with the titleholder Rusev defending. Now, since after getting his hands on the US title for the second time in his career Rusev has started his infamous trash talking towards the Americans and the ‘Big Deal’ had resisted it over the past few weeks. So, with an advance Father’s day gift coming towards Titus, expect him to bruise down the Bulgarian Brute if he starts to insult the Americans on WWE Raw, once again. Titus surely, will not want to miss the opportunity of a lifetime as this will mark his first ever singles title win if he can beat Rusev on Sunday.



Preview of a Monumental match

During last week’s main event on WWE Raw Cena managed to get some redemption from The Club when he even the odds for the New Day and gave Luke Gallows an Attitude Adjustment. Now, The Club has proved their mark as a dominant force in WWE since the arrival and surely they will look to continue it with some planning. The match between Styles and Cena at Money in the Bank is a battle of the ages but it eventually can turn out to be a 3-on-1 assault for the Cenation leader. So, will Cena be given with a painful preview of what’s waiting for him at the Sin City on Sunday?