Undertaker confronts Brock Lesnar

Raw opens up with that freaking and exciting glass breaking sound after quite a long time with the Texas rattlesnake on his own home state of Texas. He goes on by saying he has his first match here and will  host the live podcast after tonight’s show and then calls out the Undertaker who obliges and shows up. Taker promises that he will make Lesnar’s worst fears look like heaven on Sunday night as Lesnar’s music hits and him along with Paul Heyman shows up.


The manager of Brock Lesnar goes on that it’s ironic that both Lesnar and Taker are entering into the cell for taking revenge. But Taker says he has nothing to lose and takes off his hat and coat as an invitation for Lesnar to come inside the ring. Lesnar starts walking towards the ring, but Heyman cries “He has gotten into your head” as he thinks better to walk away back.


The New Day defeats John Cena and the Dudley Boyz

Dudleyz dominates most of the start of the match tossing Kingston like a rag doll. After being hit by that double elbow, Kofi realizes to re-group and goes outside the ring. During the break, they take control of the match and starts stomping on Cena. Big E misses a splash which allows Cena to make a tag to D-Von only to be surprised by Xavier Woods with a schoolboy who picks up the win.

After the match, Cena hits an AA on Woods and put him through a table with the Dudleyz from the top rope.


At the Backstage, Randy Orton is missing and obviously the Wyatts should be responsible for that and so Dean Ambrose need a new partner. But Ambrose is ready if he has to go it on his own.


Team Bella defeats Team BAD

Banks and Fox start the match up. But a good strategy was taken by the evil twins and his partner by making the Boss almost barred from the ring for almost the later part of the match. Nikki dominates for most of the part and finishes it off with a rack attack. The ‘Total Diva’ is on her way to be the new champ once again on Sunday night?


After the match, Michael Cole announces that Corporate Kane is suspended due to his actions from last week.


HBK meets Seth Rollins and the defeats Ryback

HB-shizzle meets Seth ‘freaking’ Rollins in this segment. As Shawn Michaels comes into the ring and takes sometimes to discuss something about Hell in a Cell, Seth Rollins comes out as he does want another promo for HIAC event. And does not understand why Michaels was even out there as his 2.0 version is standing right in front of him. Michaels says his duty was to introduce Rollins. Instead, he announces that he is having a match right there against Ryback.


After some back and forth action between them, Rollins drives Ryback into the ring apron and sends his stomach first into the announce table. After going into the ring, he takes a shot to the guts of Ryback which follows with a pedigree to take the win.

Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, and Neville vs Rusev, King Barrett, and Sheamus


Rivalries love company and each of this team member brings their best into this tag contest. It is quite a fast paced action, especially for the heel team. Cesaro gets interrupted by Sheamus while trying to hit the Neutralizer. Both makes the tag and out comes Ziggler and Neville though interference starts soon with some parade of kicks. The last one was a Brogue from the Celtic Warrior to make ‘The Bloody King’ pick up the win.


Ric Flair is in the ring to create a hype about this year’s Wrestlemania which is home in Dallas, Texas. He mentions that Dean Ambrose along with Roman Reigns will take on the Wyatt Family tonight though they need a third member. Meantime at backstage HBK suggests Rollins be the third partner for Ambrose and Rollins which sounds great. Wyatt family flashed into the ring as we see Eric Rowan has substituted Luke Harper and he is found nowhere.



Charlotte defeats Brie Bella

After two consecutive losses on RAW, Charlotte is looking for a much-needed momentum this week. As she takes on Brie Bella Nikki constantly tries to get into her head by skipping around with her Divas title. Brie tries to make the champ down with the brie Mode knee smash following a bulldog. But Charlotte hits a spear and finishes off with the figure 8 leg lock.


Kevin Owens defeats Mark Henry

Everything is bigger in Texas including Kevin Owens opponent. The Bully that Henry is for almost 19 years is now taken out by another part-time bully i.e. KO. He insults Henry and the Texas crowd as it is in his nature. The match was quite short as expected, Henry is left with nothing in his tank these days. Henry ends by getting a superkick while charging KO who finishes the job with his trademark pop-up-power bomb.


The Wyatt Family defeats The former Shield members

It should not be called proper reunion by any means as the Shield members are teaming up once again after they had split last year. Though it was a treat to watch the Hounds of Justice once again after a long break which leaves WWE universe with misty eyes as they revisit the memories of their past wars.

Rollins hesitate initially but then starts the match against Rowan only to tag in Reigns. Though the remaining Shield brothers get along with the one who destroyed the unit single-handedly, Rollins again leaves them high and dry in the ring. The monster Strowman ensnares Reigns with the bear hug which leaves Ambrose with no option but to interrupt the match by hitting Strowman with a kendo stick and giving Wyatt the win. Ensued brawl follows the match as Reigns launches himself over everyone and uncorks a pair of spears to Wyatt and Rowan to end the night on a high note for him. 

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