Post-Survivor Series Raw kicked off this week from the music city of Nashville, Tennessee. None but the authority was out to kick off the show with their new stable formed with Sheamus and Rusev. Sheamus, who does not look so ‘stupid’ now after pulling a Randy Orton move and dazzling with the championship belt around his waist. The newly formed ally was introduced formally in the opening segment of RAW where Reigns definitely showed up demanding his rematch. Rusev made his return felt with a kick. With The Big Dog laying down, Triple H announced the rematch will happen with TLC stipulation on December 13’s TLC PPV.


The Wyatt family vs. The Dudley Boyz

After a humiliating loss on Sunday at the hands of Brothers on Destruction, The Wyatts literally feasted on the Dudleyz. They took out their frustration on another pair from the attitude era. The match came down to Harper and Bubba, but Rowan provided the distraction to set up Bubba for a discussed clothesline by Luke Harper, which put the family back to the winning track.


Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks

Becky was back after last week’s beat down by Paige, but the bad time is continuing for her. The two women put up an interesting match-up but Sasha took advantage of the presence of team BAD at the ringside. Tamina distracted the referee while Naomi dragged Sasha’s legs to the rope, who was locked in the disarmed. They came face to face which allowed Sasha to roll her up for the victory.


‘The New Day’ celebrating their 1st anniversary

Happy moments of the New Day soon turned to be unhappy when they decided to throw an open challenge and two teams showed up to get a piece of the Power of Positivity. The Usos and The Lucha Dragons interrupted the unicorns who called off the challenge out of frustration thereafter. So the challengers left with no option but to beat them down.


Neville vs. Mark Henry

“The man that gravity forgot” collided with “The world’s strongest man” as his biggest challenge till date. This Davis vs. Goliath gave keen interest to The Miz at backstage to stick to the TV. Henry left a bit of spare to Neville out of respect which was enough to make him suffer from the Red Arrow. Neville beat gravity and the odds to win the ‘biggest’ match of his career.


Goldust and The Primetime Players vs. The Cosmic Wasteland

Stardust’s fascination with Cesaro got shelved for sometimes as the Swiss Superman is recuperating from the injury but got plenty in his plate after his brother Goldust returned to in-ring action in RAW. Stardust’s sanctuary got into trouble after Darren Young neutralized Viktor and The Big Deal Titus caught Konnor with the Clash of the Titus.


Jack Swagger attended the Mex-American country

The Mex-American nation has closed its border as it approached towards the north and south border and they decided to address the situation of their country but got cut short by Jack Swagger. All-American showed up saying that he had vowed not allowing any foreign or domestic enemies. After the verbal confrontations, Swagger was ready to make things physical with the Essence of Excellence who decided to back out with Colter as for then.


WWE Divas championship: Charlotte vs. Paige

With the complain that Charlotte cheated at Survivor Series Paige demanded and got the rematch for the Divas title. She tried enough by locking Charlotte to her own figure four leg lock and hitting her leg into the ropes and took firm control of the match until The Flair Girl connected with the spear through the ropes that made both of them grounded for a 10 count. Once the match ended, it turned out to be a brawl between them again. Paige hurled Charlotte into the steel steps and gave her a PTO on the announce table.


Ryback confronted Heath Slater

The music city tour would be due to if the One man band did not show up who wanted to give the city a bit of taste of Rock n Roll. The Big Guy Ryback showed up to play his own bit of tune. The one man band tried his bit to create some offense in the ring but ultimately ended by getting Shell-shocked.


Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens and Tyler Breeze

After a disappointing loss at the title match at Survivor Series, Dean Ambrose found himself in a tag match against The Prince Pretty and the IC champion. They did not let the not-so-long NXT veterans to create some offense with Ambrose went for a Suicidal dive on Breeze and Ziggler super-kicked KO to allow the Lunatic Fringe pin the IC champion with a Dirty Deeds.


Roman Reigns vs. Rusev

Roman Reigns is gradually finding himself alone in the situation where he not only had to face only Rusev but the entire new Authority stable which also consists King Barrett who made his presence felt in the main event. Despite a number of times when Sheamus tried to interfere Reigns made Rusev lying with a Superman punch. Sheamus’ mate Barrett came running with a bull hammer to Reigns causing a disqualification. Roman was able to fight back though after dispatching Barrett and Rusev with the hit of a chair and gave a shot to the ‘Mo-hawk’ too. As expected, Roman thrives well in this “One versus all” situation.


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