Raw opens up this week with the number 1 contender Roman Reigns in the ring and he declares how proud he is to be in the final leg for the WWE title. It’s finally good to see that Roman is getting cheered from the crowd. Rollins comes out and declares that he will always be the best and Roman will stay the guy who used to carry his bags. Roman challenges him to come down to the ring and see who the real man is. But Seth’s protectors i.e. The Authority comes out and says they are not going to have a match tonight. Instead, a 5-on-5 traditional Survivor Series match is announced for the night: Team reigns vs. Team Rollins.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens

The arrogant Owens was dominating the match as Ziggler was selling his injured leg. And in between the match it was just a matter of moments for Tyler Breeze along with Summer to show up. Ziggler came back in the match only to be distracted by Tyler’s selfie and get a pop-up powerbomb to be pinned by the champion. Denver counted this along with the ref and cheered this. The selfie mania was still on after the match on Ziggler’s laying body.


Meanwhile in the backstage Seth managed to convince KO to be in his side for tonight’s main event and Renee young was conducting an interview with Becky Linch regarding the actions done by Paige last week.


Cesaro vs. The Miz

Cosmic wasteland made their presence in the crowd with Kono and Viktor holding up “Stardust” section sign. Miz only could bring some brief offense as the electric Cesaro was able to knock him down back easily, giving him the Giant swing and finally submit him with a Sharpshooter.


Bray Wyatt revealed his new powers

The Wyatt Family were out to show something that we will never forget. He abducted the Brothers of Destruction to possess their souls and the powers they have. Bray addressed the ongoing torment they are having in his hands and then displayed the new found control he has now over thunder and lightening a la the Undertaker and fire a la Kane. They ran a video package afterwards for Taker and Kane and the segment ended.

Lucha Dragons vs. King Barrett and Sheamus

The commentary team was still in shock after seeing a deranged man who claims that he ate two souls and had gained the control over summoning thunder and fire as Lucha Dragons used speed and technique to hang with the power and glory of Sheamus and Barrett. Sin Cara was the one who took the beating and tag his partner who countered a bull hammer and hit a Salida Del Sol to get the pin.


Backstage Jack Swagger was found talking with his former mentor Zeb Colter and asked if everything was okay after the things are happening lately with Alberto Del Rio. He assured that everything was okay as they are just trying to bring Mexico and US together.


Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth

Pretty uneven match as Del Rio beat the hell out of Truth and no one did care about it. The only thing to notice that he is still not using his cross arm-breaker as a finisher. Instead, he used the double-foot stomp to finish the match.

Backstage Rollins got his rest of the three team members as The New Day. Xavier Woods was back with his Trombone. And JoJo caught up with Sasha Banks about tonight’s no.1 contender match. She looked confident because she always delivers and that’s why fans want him. Time for the Divas’ fatal-4-way match.


Paige vs. Becky vs. Brie vs. Sasha Banks

All the team members were banned from ringside as to stop any interference. Paige is finally having her chance to prove herself after weeks claiming that she was the one who started the Divas revolution. She waited till the others tore each other apart. Banks was this close to winning the thing by locking Becky in the Bank Statement. But Paige mercilessly throws her outside the ring and delivered a Rampaige for the win.


New Day was out to create the amazing gimmick with the unicorns that the fans are enjoying very much now.


Team Rollins (Rollins, New Day, Owens) vs. Team Reigns (Reigns, Usos, Ryback, Ambrose)

If this was match any indication then the Survivor series night is going to be long for both Roman and Rollins both. Despite the assembling of three champions in him, Owens and the full-strength New Day the Architect’s team failed to overpower Roman captained team of Ambrose, Ryback and the surprise returns i.e. The Usos. Rollins was left at last with his former brothers. After getting a beat-down, he desperately used a chair on both to escape and giving the win via disqualification. After the finish of the match, Rollins ate a superman punch and left the ring selling his jaw and Roman and Dean ended Raw with the former’s music playing.

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