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WWE Raw Results 30/9/13 

WWE Raw Results 30/9/13

The show started as CM Punk made his way towards the ring. He said that people say that the show runs on predictability. He gave examples like as Heyman defeated him at Night of Champions it was predictable that he would come out at Chicago, Punk’s hometown to remind that to everyone. He said that is was also predictable if he tries to attack Heyman, Axel and Ryback would come out to attack Punk. He said that he will soon beat down Heyman. He said that the history books might say that Paul Heyman pinned him in this ring, but everybody in the world is going to know he is going to put Paul Heyman out of his misery. Brad Maddox came out to talk crap. Before they could proceed Big E Langston interfered and attacked CM Punk. Maddox announced a match between these two individuals.

Match 1 : CM Punk defeated Big E Langston. CM Punk pinned Big E Langston with the GTS.


Match 2 : Kofi Kingston defeated Fandango. Kofi Kingston pinned Fandango with the Trouble in Paradise finishing maneuver. As soon as the match finishes, the Wyatt family made their way towards the ring and talked some unimportant things.

The Bella twins showed backstage where we get to know that Brie Bella is the no 1 contender for the Divas championship. Randy Orton interfered and congratulated Brie for getting married with Daniel Bryan. He said that they should schedule this marriage sooner rather than later because if they schedule it after Sunday, Bryan might not be able to make it.

Backstage Renee Young interviewed Paul Heyman.


Los Matadores finally made their debut (I really like their entrance music but the entrance was rather funny) They have got a midget valet who was dressed as a bull. That I don’t think is Hornswoogle.

Match 3 : Los Matadores (diego and Fernando) defeated 3MB (Heath Slater and Zinder Mahal)

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon made their way towards the ring. Then came the Rhodes family. (Dustin Rhodes coming in the face paint even in a suit looked really childish) First Triple and Stephanie McMahon talked about all the opportunities they gave for having Cody’s job back. At the end, Stephanie said that they would like to give Cody his job back and they would also like to give Goldust a job. At Battleground Cody and Goldust will face the tag team champions Shield, if they win they will get job but if they lose they will never work in WWE. As Triple ha and Stephanie left the ring, The Shield attacked the Rhodes family and beat them down.

Match 4 : R Truth defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Curtis Axel in a non-title match. CM Punk’s entrance music hit which distracted Axel and took the advantage of the situation.

Match 5 : Brie Bella defeated Alicia Fox


Backstage Renee Young interviewed Big Show. He regretted for whatever he is forced to do. He said that he cannot take it anymore. He is going to get Triple H. Big Show went to General manager’s room and asked Brad Maddox where Triple H is. Maddox somehow escaped.

Match 6 : World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Zack Ryder.


Paul Heyman and Ryback entered the arena. After talking a bit crap, Paul Heyman created an environment like he was going to propose Ryback for marriage (what)! But no, he proposed him to become a Paul Heyman guy. Before Ryback could answer, CM Punk entered from the crowd, just as he stepped foot outside the ring, he slipped and looked like he hurt himself. Paul Heyman went close to see what happened, Punk hit him very hard with a kendo stick on his leg. He then beat down Curtis Axel.

Big Show was shown waiting for Triple H at his office room.

Match 7 : The Shield defeated Dolph Ziggler and The Usos.


The security came out to escort Big Show. Stephanie McMahon came out and said the security and everything is under control. She said to Big Show what earlier she talked to his wife who said to het that at home he hasn’t exactly been measuring up to her expectations.

Match 8 : Santino Marella defeated Antonio Cesaro.

The final confrontation of the night between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, Jerry Lawler interviewed them. Their conversation got heated up and Bryan got beat up by Orton outside of the ring. The Show went off air as Randy Orton and celebrated.

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