RAW celebrates its 23rd anniversary as McMahon family kicks things off from New Orleans and he literally set the table to have a feast to the entire roster with Roman Reigns. With a “one versus all” match ready to take place later this month, this time, a “one versus all” main event is set for RAW where the entire roster will be against the Big Dog. That’s not all his brother Dean Ambrose is set to be placed in the opening contest after getting ambushed by Sheamus from behind.

Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus

After getting attacked from behind the Lunatic Fringe was all fired up in the match and a brawl followed in the match between the two. Incidentally, both men got counted out and Sheamus’ head got busted open after Dean pushed his head into the ring post over and over. The reckless fight did not end there, though, as Kevin Owens showed up once again from behind and delivered a beat down once again to the IC champion.


Titus O’Neil vs. Stardust

No super-villain will allow someone to take him to the ground. After getting defeated last week on RAW by the Gator this week, Stardust came up with Aladdin face paint but fell to earth once again by a Clash of the Titus despite the effort. Though, the celebration for the big deal remained short after The Prince of the dark matter delivered a vicious post match assault after the bell.


The Usos vs. The New Day

New Day had a bad day all in all.  After getting ranted by Chris Jericho in the Highlight Reel show, they met the Usos in a match with Y2J in the Usos’ corner. Jericho cuts Woods from ‘tromboning’ all over the ring as inside the ring Kofi gets hit by a spinning inziguiri. Jericho breaks the trombone of Woods to distract Kingstone and Jimmy rolls him up for the win.


The Wyatt family vs. The Social outcasts

The newly gathered misfits known as ‘The social outcasts’ showed they have more trends than moves when they met the Wyatt family. The Big Guy Ryback’s intrusion in the match to seek revenge against the Wyatts disqualified the match and overcoming the odds, “the social outcasts” stands tall and that too against the Wyatts’ flock.


Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio (Us championship)

John Cena is helpless to reclaim his US title after getting his surgery done but Kalisto steps into to take the fullest advantage of the championship match. Del Rio missed the stomp from the corner and a series of kicks dropped the jaw of the Essence of Excellence which followed a sudden roll up out of nowhere to beat Del Rio and this time for the US championship.


Charlotte vs. Brie Bella

The question was burning for weeks now. Is Title bigger than a friendship? After getting mugged by Charlotte last week minutes after pulling off a sudden victory against her, Becky even did not wait for Charlotte’s schedule match to get started and got her payback. This time, Ric Flair managed to save her daughter but Becky has her eye set on the title. So now the question is for how many days Ric will be able to save her.


Roman Reigns in “One Versus all” match

Reigns are all set to have a preview of what’s coming in his way at the Royal Rumble event by taking a taste of the “one versus all” match up on RAW main event. Reigns only managed to get his hands on Kevin Owens for momentarily before the entire roster attacked the “one”. Out comes the beast incarnate to take down each of the opponents of Reigns. The last moments saw him delivering a devastating F-5 to reigns to signify that he is entering the Royal Rumble and he is on the hunt for the title.


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