After they left their undisputed WWE champion high-and-dry in between the tag team match at Survivor Series, The New Day members decided to bury the hatchet by throwing a championship celebration for Sheamus in the opening segment of the episode of RAW that aired from Pittsburgh that was cut down in the middle by Roman Reigns.

Justifiably The Celtic Warrior ate a punch in the face and Roman fled away with his title that made the Authority to make an early championship match between them with the stipulation that read – Roman had to beat the Celtic Champ within 5:15 minutes.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze

After upsetting the show-off at Survivor Series, it was just a matter of time for Dolph to come back and turned the ‘pretty’ face ugly with a super-kick which might make him unconscious. Prince pretty tried with an aggressive gameplan to disable the knee and shoulder of the show-off, but one slight distraction was enough for the quickest one to pick up the win.



Lana is back!

In this MIZtv segment, the guest was Rusev as the crowd chanted ‘‘we want Lana’’ and indeed they got Lana but this time as Rusev’s fiancé. They said that everything that brewed around them, Dolph and Summer had gone under the bridge and they immensely love each other. Before their kiss was over Ryback’s music hit and he came down the ramp for a match against Rusev.


Rusev vs. Ryback

After some overpowering action inside the ring, Lana got hit by the steps as they hit backwards and grounded. Rusev decided not to get back into the ring and take her backstage deciding the match to be counted out.


Dudleyz and Tommy Dreamer vs. The Wyatt family

To even the odds, The Dudleyz brought none but their former ECW and hardcore partner Tommy Dreamer in the house. It was great to see the hardcore legend after so many days. The match got disqualified after two teams refused to stop the brawl but Bubba manages to send Bray Wyatt through the table, finally claiming vindication.


Goldust vs. Del Rio

It is evident that Del Rio does not like haters and Goldust just turned out to be the same but that’s not a big deal for him as the essence of excellence double-stomped his way to victory cornering the bizarre one.


The Usos vs. The Lucha Dragons

Both these teams are on a roll as they face each other for the number one contenders spot for the tag title. It was not so surprising that the unicorns present at the commentary table will interfere the match to cause a double disqualification, thereby declaring it that they will not defend the title at TLC since no contender was crowned.


Sasha Banks vs. Brie Bella

Brie brought all the fight with her along with her husband’s kicks and her signature Brie Mode kick, but that was not enough for the ‘Boss’. Tamina neutralized Alicia Fox with a superkick and made way for Sasha to pick up the win via the backstabber-bank statement combo.


Reigns vs. Sheamus WWE championship match (beat the clock challenge)

Sheamus came in the ring with a 5:15 seconds t-shirt and it was legitimate that a DQ was about to happen. The Big Dog tried his best to end the match at the earnest, but the newly formed League of Nations (Sheamus, Rusev, King Barrett) dragged Reigns out of the ring before he could pin the champ. After the match, Usos and Ambrose came for helping out Reigns from them.


Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch

The Irish Lynch thought it would be a friendly match between them as they expected to tear the house down. Instead, what we got was Charlotte borrowing the old school mean streaks from her daddy and stole the victory rolling the lass-kicker once her guards were down. We can’t blame The Flair Girl, though, as she needs that against the anti-diva.


The League of Nations and The New Day vs. The Usos, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

Before the match started The New Day showed up wanted to be a part of the League of Nations which made the match a seven-on-four handicap match which eventually turned out as seven-on-three after Jimmy was taken out due to a knee injury. Ambrose gave it a last try to swing the momentum towards them, but that enacted a brawl all over the ring which allowed Sheamus to Brogue kick the Lunatic fringe to pick up the win. Needless to say, a further assault was stored for Reigns after the match as the winners celebrated it in a way of their own Pittsburgh Peace Conference way.


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