As expected, RAW opens with Stephanie Mcmahon makes her way to continue the fallout from TLC as his husband is out injured on the hands of Roman Reigns and it was quite obvious that she is about to fire the Big Dog. The billionaire princess was just about to do that as his music hits and Roman makes his way to the ring and boasts about whipping down Triple H’s ass at TLC.

Stephanie says Roman and his entire Samoan family a disgrace whereas Roman told the Mcmahon family is a disgrace and gets slapped several times on the face. She has not fired reigns as someone was on his way: Vince Mcmahon.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose

Kevin Owens did spoil Ambrose’s first night as champion after interfering in the match between the show-off and the Lunatic fringe. He hit the pop-up powerbomb twice to Ambrose and did not spare even Ziggler doing the same on top of the downed Ambrose.


Mr.Mcmahon returns in style

Cancelling a less important match up the ‘no chance’ music hits and the boss powers his way to the ring. Vince takes his jacket off as “The Bustard” comes out to the ring. After some confrontation among Vince, Reigns and Sheamus, the ultimatum for Reigns was made, either win the championship match tonight or get fired! A kick to Reigns’ nuts follows as Vince exits the ring.


The League of Nations defeated Ryback and Jack Swagger

League of Nations members was out to square off against their TLC opponents. After Ryback takes the upper hand and goes for an early meathook clothesline Del Rio counters with the running inziguri and keeps him down for quite sometimes until Swagger makes the tag and locked in The Patriot Lock on Rusev. Del Rio distracts him by a backstabber and Rusev connects with a Superkick for the victory.


Tyler Breeze vs. Neville

The Miz was at ringside to see his ‘‘soon-to-be?’’ disciple Neville. Breeze with a nasty blow to the guts of Neville but got super-kicked instead to set up him for the Red Arrow and picked up the win.


The Wyatt family vs. Rhyno, Tommy Dreamer and The Dudleyz

Philadelphia is a homecoming for the ECW originals as they square off against the Wyatts in an Extreme Rules match. Despite their try with trash cans, kendo sticks, and various other components, Team Extreme gets outsmarted by The Wyatts. Strowman neutralized Bubba and Dreamer driving them towards the announce table as D-von ate a Sister Abigail. Rowan splashes Rhyno through a table and the team Extreme is done for.

The New Day celebrates

It was quite surprising that The New Day admits their opponents’ resilience at TLC and offers a handshake to them! After the Usos and Lucha Dragons is out of the ring, The Unicorns starts celebrating in the most obnoxious way possible. The Usos and Lucha Dragons destroys them thereafter.


Charlotte and Becky Lynch vs. Brie Bella and Alicia Fox

It was a page out of Nature Boy’s book at TLC when Charlotte defended her title at TLC and, this time, it favored the Irish maiden too. Thankfully, she is not aware of the ‘Naitch’ dirty games as she is able to lock the disarmer to pin the staggering Bella army.


Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus: WWE World Heavyweight Championship match

Perhaps that extra stipulation rather the ultimatum was enough to push Reigns to the limit and overcoming the odds alongside Vince Mcmahon who is in the corner of Sheamus. Reigns had his fight finished off, but Vince Mcmahon interfered by pulling off the referee to strike back with the League of Nations. Reigns defied all the odds by taking them out, giving a superman punch to the Boss, kicking out of a Brogue Kick and finally finishing the job with a Spear. The same building that gave him the cursed Royal Rumble win is now home for his newly won title and boy did The Superman did deliver ever!


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