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Fans may haven’t noticed this but WWE Raw Superstars have in their routine to wait for a long time before their scheduled TV segment actually begins. The superstars generally have to hang around in the ring for a long gap before the matches or their planned TV segments mostly during the ads.

This was a regular thing for the talents but the new format of WWE Raw has reportedly stretched out the wait time between those advertisements, video packages, interviews, and recap segments. These days, the start of an entrance and the beginning of a match or segment regularly happens in a regular gap of 15 minutes.

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WWE Raw Superstars Were Reportedly Unhappy For Waiting Before Matches 1

Especially for the main event matches on WWE Raw starts after the longest gap. The headliner match featuring Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan on the May 30 episode was mentioned for one of the instances when talents had to wait for 20 minutes before the match actually began.

During that aforementioned WWE Raw main event, Morgan had to wait in the ring for 19 minutes prior to her match against Ripley began, as per the fans in attendance at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa. The broadcast channel cut to a commercial break to play a Memorial Day package, and also show a promo around the Hell in a Cell premium live event.

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WWE Raw Superstars voiced their frustrations over long waits

As a result, a lot of the WWE Raw Superstars dislike the idea of hanging around the ring for long periods, according to Fightful Select. They have let known their complaints to WWE higher-ups as the source reached out to several Superstars who had been subjected to the waits over the last year.

WWE Raw Superstars Were Reportedly Unhappy For Waiting Before Matches 2

The reaction came as the superstars were reportedly told that the TV show’s format “was what it was” and it was intended to “improve the show flow.” One unnamed talent was asked what they did during the wait time, they said “talk to the crowd, dance, get annoyed that I’m waiting that long.”

With that, chances seem low that WWE Raw talents will get rid of the problem, anytime soon. The red brand episode has to be carried for three hours anyway with a thinner roster which is another big reason why they have to wait for such a long time in the ring.

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