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WWE Raw was live last night from the same venue where Survivor Series was hosted on Sunday. The Air Canada Center in Toronto, Canada was jam packed to see the fall-out from the PPV. A lot of questions needed to be answered. Of course, we were expecting to see Goldberg on WWE Raw to address what’s next for him. Was this the last match for the Myth now that he dominated the conqueror in a fashion that only he is capable of?

Plus, there were plenty of fall out stored from the men’s and women’s division. The list of Jericho was destroyed by Kevin Owens. So, the rumors suggested that this might crack the friendship between Owens and Jericho. Also, as reported earlier, we expected to see Roman Reigns becoming the next contender for Owens’ championship at the WWE Roadblock PPV.

So, WWE Raw kicked off with Goldberg making his way out to the ring. He made his epic entrance as the crowd instantly went mad for him. “Goldberg, Goldberg” chants filled up the arena. He started by thanking the crowd in Toronto and all over watching in the world to be the superhero in front of his family.

After that, he said everything must come to an end just like his career. A loud “No” chant filled the arena. He also mentioned he had a talk backstage with WWE Raw commissioner, Stephanie McMahon about his future. He further asked the crowd if they think he has one more title run left in him. The crowd broke out with another “Yes” chant.

So, in an affirmative answer, Goldberg confirmed his next appearance is going to be at the Royal Rumble PPV by saying,

“At the Royal Rumble match, everyone is next!”

So, it’s now official Goldberg is the first entrant in the Royal Rumble 2017.

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