The landscape of the WWE will change tonight on Smackdown but things started to shape up as WWE Raw came live from the DUNKIN DONUTS CENTER PROVIDENCE, RI. As the respective commissioners for both Raw and Smackdown announced the newly appointed General Managers for their respective shows, the speculations with both shows will be quite high from now on.
Last week on WWE Raw, Mr. McMahon appointed Stephanie as the sole runner of Raw whereas Shane was appointed as the figurehead of Smackdown. But, they were ordered to choose one General Manager for each of the show who will be in charge of the day-to-day activities for both Raw and Smackdown. Now, it was previously reported that rumors were buzzing all around that Smackdown may very well be taken over by the Yes! Movement and that’s what exactly happened. Shane had already let us known that he has agreed to terms of the new GM of Smackdown and hence we got Daniel Bryan as the General Manager of Smackdown.

Surprises were still not over as Stephanie McMahon came up with another blockbuster announcement that WWE Raw will be run by none other than Mick Foley from now on. If that’s not all for the billion dollar princess then she had the sole ownership of the newly set up Cruiserweight division in the WWE.
So, with a Hall of Famer in-charge of WWE Raw and a former WWE Champion in-charge Smackdown, things are looking to shape up even bigger for the future. The competition will be bigger from this point between the two brands as we head towards the Draft. What a moment for Daniel Bryan, though. From retirement he has ended up to be the new runner of the blue brand in WWE and to be honest he looked the right person who deserves the job more than anybody.

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