WWE Raw comes live this week from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, MD as the returning Seth Rollins kicks things off with the show. Though, if you did miss Seth Rollins, he did not miss the WWE Universe and returned with a vengeance and a few things in mind to speak it out in front of the whole world. The first one was the crowd didn’t see the value of him as champion until he got hurt, so he does not expect any round of applause on him from the crowd.
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Before Rollins started his heel talking, a loud “thank you Rollins” chant breaks out after a photo of Rollins hitting the pedigree on Reigns is displayed on the ‘tron and he started with what it felt like to be back in ‘his’ ring after 200 days. As the crowd went nuts and chanted that they missed him so much Rollins turned his back on them by saying that it was not that way and the crowd used to say that they used to call him as the weakest WWE champion in the history. They discredited every ounce of effort he put into his memorable title reign.

The second one was quite inevitable as he demanded his title shot. He never lost the WWE World Heavyweight championship which is currently in possession of the man Rollins was slated to face when he got hurt in the first place, Roman Reigns. So he did not come back for what for the crowd but to reclaim the title which belonged to him. Roman Reigns comes down to the ring to pay for the sneak attack made by Rollins the night before and Rollins slid out of the ring. Shane McMahon eventually shows up to officially announce Reigns vs. Rollins for the title at WWE Money in the Bank.

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