We went off the air last week from WWE Raw with the whole arena chanting “You deserve it” towards the new champion, Kevin Owens. WWE RAW came live tonight with the new champion and the returning COO, Triple H backing him up. As predicted earlier WWE Raw has turned into the Kevin Owens show and it kicked off from the Sprint Center Arena in Kansas City, MO with a coronation for the new champion.
The IWC circuit is pleased with WWE’s decision to crown Owens with the new reddish gold in the WWE. They sure as hell were ready to embrace the Kevin Owens era. Hence they were all on their feet to welcome the champion on WWE Raw.

Triple H made a triumphant return hit a pedigree to Rollins to everyone’s shock. This was the sign that Owens is going to be his new poster boy from now on. However, it was also a shock to see that the Game has gone into total opposition from his wife and the General Manager, Mick Foley. But, Stephanie seemed to have things sorted out with Triple H and hence was seen all smiling.
It was rumored that Triple H might not be present on WWE Raw, this week. So he was not there on KO’s coronation tonight. With the coronation in progress, Rollins interrupted by saying that if Owens is going to be the face of the new era then he is going to burn it to the ground. Hence, Mick Foley granted the match at the Clash of Champions with Owens defending his title against Rollins.
Furthermore, we got a match at the main event of WWE Raw where the new champion Owens defeated his nemesis Sami Zayn via the pop-up powerbomb. Once the match is over, Reigns came down to the ramp to get a piece of Owens. However, Mick Foley makes the save, again by announcing Reigns vs. Owens for next week’s WWE Raw. If Reigns is able to win, then he will be added to the championship match at Clash of Champions. Reigns finished off the night by spearing Owens’ buddy Chris Jericho.

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