Nobody did expect that, and especially not Vince McMahon when he was presenting the first ever Vince J McMahon Legacy of Excellence award to her own daughter Stephanie McMahon. If anyone was least expected to be present at the award coronation, it should be “The Money”, Shane McMahon. (courtesy

Stephanie didn’t even get a chance to start her acceptance speech before ShaneMcMahon, who hasn’t been seen in WWE since 2010, returned to question Stephanie’s status as the family flag-bearer. He also revealed a secret deal between him and Mr. McMahon that preserved his place in line throughout his time away from WWE. To top it off, Shane also demanded control of Monday Night Raw.

Well, Mr. McMahon did agree to him but you there’s always been a “but or if” and, this time, Shane has to face and defeat none but the Phenome at Wrestlemania inside Hell in a Cell. Well, McMahon’s always wins and keeps things “no chance in hell” and this time, it’s no exception.

The full segment is as follows: (courtesy

Stephanie was literally crying after achieving the prestigious award from her father. She has a prepared statement she wants to read. But, before she can, Shane McMahon’s music hits and he bounces out to the stage. Shane addresses a lot of problem going on with WWE as of right now: the stock is in the toilet, roster injured, and various other issues. Just because he left, doesn’t mean he lost his place in line and so this time, he wants to run Raw.

Mr. McMahon tells Shane that the time has changed he can’t just step in and take over. If he runs Raw, he essentially runs the company. Mr. McMahon says he will make a deal, he will give Shane what he wants, on one condition: Shane will have one match. If Shane wins he gets control of Raw. Shane agrees. Mr. McMahon says the match will be at WrestleMania. Shane will face the Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match!


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