WWE Raw video: Triple H returned to crown a new WWE Universal Champion

Arindam Paul / 30 August 2016

Last week we have been given the shocking news on the start of WWE Raw. The newly crowned WWE universal champion, Finn Balor suffered a dislocated shoulder at Summerslam. So he had no choice but to relinquish his title. Hence we have got a fatal-4-way match to crown a new WWE Universal Champion for the flagship show of WWE.

WWE Raw came live from the Toyota center in Houston, Texas as Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens and Big Cass locked horn in a fatal-4-way match to determine the new champion. We did expect either Rollins or reigns to be the predicted champion by the end of the night. However, Owens was the underdog and hence he too stood with an equal chance to win the championship on WWE Raw. Cass on the other side has yet to establish himself as a singles competitor and hence was pretty much not on the predicted list.
We kicked off the night with four of the competitors discussing their chances in tonight’s main event. Now these types of meeting are expected to be ended in a chaos and exactly the same thing happened in the end. Reigns stood tall to stand at the top by eliminating his opponents and staring at the championship.

The fatal-4-way main event of WWE Raw was contested in an elimination capacity. Big Cass was kept out of equation via a frog splash from Owens and thus getting eliminated. The triple threat match was exciting as the crowd chanted “this is awesome”. But, they could not believe what happened after that. Triple H made a triumphant return hit a pedigree to Reigns and make the match one-on-one with Rollins and Owens remaining. The Game then hit a pedigree to Rollins to everyone’s shock. All that Kevin Owens had to do is cover Rollins and becoming the new WWE Universal Champion. Triple H went straight into the face of Stephanie and Foley to take the championship from them and crown Owens as the new champion. WWE Raw went off the air as Owens celebrating with the championship amongst the “You deserve it” chant.