WWE News: Rich Swann Suspended After Getting Arrested by Florida Police

Arindam Paul / 12 December 2017

At this time, a troublesome event has broken out around a talented wrestler in the WWE that might keep his career under serious jeopardy.

The concerned one is Rich Swann from the WWE 205 Live show. As we all know, he is a bonafide performer on the lightweight roster and was on the verge to become number one contender for the title. But, after what transpired early the week, he has missed the chance to go to the top.

According to the reports, the cruiserweight star was arrested, yesterday night for molesting his wife. The incident took place in the state of Gainsville, Florida where the couple was riding a car. After the altercation between the two, police arrested Rich Swann on the spot and took him into custody. No further updates were given on his status.

Swann’s wife put charges against him of battery and false imprisonment. Once the incident happened, PWInsider.com was the first to note it with a report after which the speculations began of WWE taking steps against the high-flying superstar.

When it comes to such sensitive matters, the biggest pro-wrestling promotion of the world maintains a strict policy. So, they quickly addressed it on Twitter following an official statement on WWE.com as Swann got suspended due to actions. Check out the quotes, here

‘STAMFORD, Conn. — WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, and per our policy, Rich Swann has been suspended indefinitely following his arrest.”

Rich Swann is fortunate enough that WWE has not fired him and instead suspended him for an indefinite time. If the police take him out of the custody at a certain point then he can expect to be back on board, soon. However, considering his wife put him under hot water, the police did not allow him to get bail, for now. So, things can turn worse for him.

It is also to be noted that Rich Swann earned an opportunity to compete in the number one contender’s match on tonight’s WWE Raw. He was scheduled to fight against Drew Gulak in the match to determine who would face Enzo Amore next for his title. It is likely that WWE would announce a new match to fill up the spot vacated by Swann. It is also possible that Drew Gulak might become the challenger for the title, by default.