WWE Roadblock: Full match card, preview, prediction and analysis

Arindam Paul / 11 March 2016

Come March 12, 2016, WWE is introducing a brand new event i.e. WWE Roadblock to address a couple of things before Wrestlemania. The main event will feature the crowd’s favorite lunatic Dean Ambrose who will step into the ring with the cerebral assassin Triple H for the WWE championship. And the unsorted things between Lesnar and Wyatt will be solved inside the squared circle on the same night. Now, the question is will WWE take a chance to turning on against Roman Reigns by giving Ambrose the title and disarray the scheduled title match at Wrestlemania? Or, they will rather take the safe way to keep the championship with Triple H and keep the booing going on for Reigns, along the way. Here’s the full WWE Roadblock preview, prediction and analysis.


The New Day vs. League of Nations (Sheamus and King Barrett)

This match up came out of nowhere as we all supposed that these two stables are eventually going to lock their horns at the grandest stage of them all but they locking up much earlier. These two stables had one confrontation at WWE Fastlane and since then the rivalry had not built up strongly except some online videos exchanged by them. But, there’s no doubt that these two random pairing will produce a solid match up. The booking will also help the franchise to build the tag champs as babyfaces. Consider the scenario where the four members of the LoN members beating up New Day after the match as to help to gain some sympathy for the New Day and we will eventually see a fully turned babyface New Day. Now, the New Day is the strongest faction ever since the Shield broke up. There’s no way that they are going to lose their title before appearing at the grandest stage of Wrestlemania.

Prediction: New Day retains via disqualification and moves to become babyface


The Revival vs. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady with Carmella (NXT tag team championship)

This one is going to be a fight rather than a technically sounds grappling contest. The Revival is playing with the old school method, they get as brutal as possible inside the ring. On the other hand, the challengers are becoming quite famous among the fans and they should arrive in the main roster anytime soon. Though the Universe will love to see Enzo and Colin winning the title, the champions are not likely dropping their title. Furthermore, with the anticipation of them in the main roster, there’s no reason for them to win this match.

Prediction: The Revival retains


Brock Lesnar vs. Bray Wyatt

We thought that this match up will make its place on the Wrestlemania card before the Ambrose-Lesnar street fight came out of nowhere. WWE always focuses on the beast on these type of WWE Network specials and Lesnar will dominate for the better part of the match. The rest of the Wyatt flock will come into play and may cause the disqualification. But that’s with less priority, as WWE will ensure to look Lesnar as strong as possible before heading towards Wrestlemania. Wyatt will get the beast to his knees with some offenses but Lesnar will tear through the Wyatt stable and one F-5 will seal the deal.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar wins


Triple H vs. Dean Ambrose (WWE World heavyweight championship match)

Remember, the crowd’s reaction when these twos were in the ring as the two last competitors at the Royal Rumble match? Ambrose is crowd’s beloved and a potential win for Ambrose can’t be ruled out totally. These two will go head to head to change the main event of Mania and honestly, the Universe will love it if Ambrose comes out with the title in hand post-WWE Roadblock. Ambrose winning, and then Reigns turning on him as the heel is what’s the crowd want. But, the gut feeling says that WWE will not take this much risk to bestow the so-called Roman Empire. So, after putting on a hell of a main event and some potential moments of Ambrose’s win, The King of Kings will retain his title to the main event, Mania. Don’t worry, folks, here we will not witness any exception and Triple H vs. Reigns main event at Wrestlemania 32 will remain intact for sure.

Prediction: Triple H wins after hell of a fight from Ambrose

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