For the first time in the history of WWE, the championship gold will be defended itself at the Royal Rumble matchmaking Roman Reigns going beyond all the odds. On Monday Night RAW, the chairman of the board announced the “one versus all” scenario for the Big Dog of WWE which opens up some huge possibilities for Royal Rumble and then, in turn, can do a huge favor for setting up Wrestlemania 32.

There was a huge speculation that the current title holder will defend his title at Wrestlemania but given the latest scenario it is highly unlikely that we should see the Samoan Superman on April 3rd, Dallas mega show. Considering that Cena is ruled out of action in the coming months it is quite safe to say Reigns will be in the title picture for that time but a huge possibility is Reigns losing his title in the January 24th Royal Rumble event. Here are the possibilities including superstars who could surprise us in the event.


Roman Reigns

The biggest possibility though lies around Roman’s shoulder considering that he has mastered the “one versus all” scenario these days. Though it is the toughest job to defend his title against 29 other men in the Rumble match itself but not impossible for The Superman. Apparently WWE may look further to take the title early from him to gain some more sympathy from the crowd for him. There could be a rematch in the Fastlane pay per view which will set the main event at Wrestlemania after that.

Triple H

It is evident that “The Game” will return to get payback on Reigns after getting attacked by him at TLC but the question is when? Could it be at Royal Rumble PPV where he will become the 14 time WWE title holder or causing the distraction in Roman’s way? From there on the main event will be set for Wrestlemania between Triple H and Roman Reigns and it will be spectacular.

Brock Lesnar

Lesnar’s dominance in the last two year is so much that he can enter into the title picture on any given day and especially considering that he is returning next Monday Night on RAW. If he is entering the rumble it’s hard to believe that anyone eliminating him over the top rope. A win for him could set a rematch between Lesnar at Reigns from Wrestlemania 31 at Fastlane pay per view. Furthermore, Lesnar as champion is best for business considering many dates available for him on RAW and especially when Cena is off TV.


The Rock

This place would have been reserved for the Cenation leader if not for the emergency shoulder injury. The Rock recently announced his return to Wrestlemania and so it will be interesting if he enters the Royal Rumble event and wins the title and then challenge his own blood Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania. It will be huge but on the other hand, WWE may not take another chance to ruin Reigns’ moment as of now after investing so much behind him. So some other plans like The Rock vs. Lesnar should be created in near future.


Wild Cards

Considering the scenarios like Lesnar is about to win but got eliminated somehow by Kevin Owens or the Lunatic Fringe setting up a match for Wrestlemania. Is it highly unlikely to give a shot to the fresh stars a chance? After all, Cena is off from TV and this is the right time to back up the NXT talents or how about bringing Orton back in the scenario. Back when he was injured he was without any Creative direction and this is the right time to fulfill the slot with a star power like Orton is.

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