When it comes to the Royal Rumble, it is meant to create new records in numbers each year. Even that includes last year’s never eliminated Curtis Axel too. (if you really count him, though) The battle Royal is prestigious, considering its illustrious past and likes of superstars who were involved in the 30 man elimination match. It’s the event from where the road to Wrestlemania officially begins which symbolizes the future of a superstar who becomes immortal thereafter at the grandest stage.

In past, the Rumble event had given us many endeavoring moments to remember which is most celebrated in pro-wrestling history. The records which were created is meant to be broken each year and this year too is not any exception. (sources Sportskeeda)


Mark Henry with most elimination in a Rumble

This supposed to be “sexual chocolate” Mark Henry’s last appearance in the Rumble event. He is a 20-year-old veteran in the business and considering he is still going we can expect his physical dominance in the match. The record stands with Roman Reigns at 12 and Kane with 11 eliminations in one single match.


Most Rumble appearances by Kane

Each year passes by and Kane increases the number of appearances. He is one dominant competitor in this format who holds the previous record of eliminating 11 superstars in one single match. This year, once again the big red monster will shatter his own record by surpassing most Rumble appearances i.e. 18.


Most eliminations in a single match by Reigns

If Reigns win this year and retains the title then this is supposed to be once again a disappointment for the fans for two consecutive years. Though logically that chance is less as he is entering as the first entrant but that does not tell everything because he is an incredible competitor in the Royal Rumble event considering his last three year’s performance which includes 12 eliminations in the 214 edition.

Longest gap between Rumble wins for Triple H

The expected scenario is that Triple H returning in the Rumble to eliminate Reigns and wins the championship belt again. If that happens then it will be a gap of 14 long years between his two wins. The Game has won the event back in 2002 by eliminating Kurt Angle. Coincidentally he returned in that year’s event too.

AJ Styles win as a debutante

AJ Styles is a pro-wrestling veteran and is set for a fresh start in WWE. The rumor mill is running rampant since his contract signing with WWE that he is stepping inside the Rumble event and it is highly possible that he can win the event. Imagine the situation, winning Royal Rumble in debut and not just that alongside you get the greatest prize in sports entertainment. The scenario is not impossible, considering it will increase WWE’s following immensely, thereafter.

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