WWE Rumor: Decision behind the “Chicago screw-job” at Payback

Arindam Paul / 07 May 2016

The Divas championship battle has now gone on to become a family quarrel. Charlotte has won in almost every of her title defenses due to her father Ric Flair’s interference and Natalya looked to get redemption at WWE Payback. To neutralize the offenses from the Naitch, this time, Shane McMahon allowed Natalya’s uncle, WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart to be present by her corner.


Natalya is trained from the Hart dungeon and best known for her technical wrestling. She had ages when she had a title run and since this rivalry is at its boiling point, Natalya was the predictable winner. Otherwise, there is no meaning a family oriented rivalry which every time sees Charlotte coming out victorious.


Besides it was Bret Hart who was present at Natalya’s corner. But, WWE decided to recreate one of wrestling’s history’s darkest moments i.e. Montreal Screw Job, in the presence of its original victim. The legend is now also known as a cancer survivor and was making the first ever television appearance after winning the battle of life. So what was the point of bringing in the legend?

Cagesideseats.com reports, that the replay of the Montreal Screw-job for the Charlotte vs. Natalya match, at Payback, was not a last minute decision but it was taken one week prior to the event to create sympathy towards Natalya’s on-screen character. Though, it’s a poor attempt by letting Charlotte holding on to the Women’s title which is boring, right now.

Reports also suggest that WWE had already planned for Ric Flair’s ban from ringside at Extreme Rules as a consequence his recent incident at Boston airport where he was found drunk. Though Flair’ manager dismissed the rumors and now PWInsider reports that it’s just a creative decision and has nothing to do with Flair’s personal life.

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