Finn Balor made his return to the WWE ring during a house show on March 11th that took place at the KeyBank Arena in Buffalo, New York. The very next night he followed it up with yet another appearance at a live event in Toronto, Ontario. On both the occasions, he teamed up with the US champion, Chris Jericho & Sami Zayn to take on the team of Triple H, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Owens.

These two shows were a gift from WWE during their Wrestlemania tour at this point of the year. The fans got a double treat by witnessing the Game and the Demon King in action for a long time. The babyface team picked up the win on both occasions.

After the victory, Finn Balor celebrated with the fans in attendance. He was heard saying “see you soon” to the fans starting the speculation that he is going to return on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

There were big speculations over Balor’s return over the past few months. All the sources revealed the uncertainty of his return in time for Wrestlemania. Now that he is back to in-ring action at live events, it is evident that WWE will not waste a big name like him at this time of the year.
WWE also accepted that Balor was medically cleared to compete and returned to compete at the house shows which are another indication of things to come. In general, no updates are given regarding these shows since they are untelevised.

If WWE schedules him to perform in a match at Wrestlemania, then Samoa Joe is the most likely opponent for him. They have a big history back from the NXT days and will reincarnate the feud on the main roster. At this point, Joe is also without an opponent.
Furthermore, WWE has already started advertising Balor vs. Rusev to take place in the house shows, going forward which is another hint of this upcoming feud. We have to wait till tonight’s Raw go on the air to learn more regarding the same.

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