WWE Rumor: Possible reason why Goldberg may not return to the WWE

Arindam Paul / 08 September 2016

There is a strong rumor roaming around the internet suggesting why WWE might be hesitating to bring back Goldberg to the main roster. Unarguably, bringing back the man will benefit both the parties. But, even after understanding the fact there’s strong reason for them to hesitate.
Goldberg was an unstoppable force back his prime days with a record 173 match unbeaten streak in WCW. In those days there was no room for PG TV and he used to wrestle recklessly inside the ring without being concerned about his opponent. It’s much like the fact about Seth Rollins that transpired after he injured a number of his fellow wrestlers including the likes of John Cena, Sting, Roman Reigns and now, Finn Balor.

Goldberg too is considered as one of the most unsafe workers having the tendency to hurt wrestlers. In today’s WWE it completely stands opposite to WWE’s PG era where a minor concussion stands with a big issue for WWE. Hence, WWE’s concern is about superstar’s health and they feel that he is an unsafe guy to bring into the locker room. WWE had a plethora of injuries last year starting from this point onwards and so it is a big question whether WWE will take the risk of bringing him back.
WWE Universe expects him to be seen in a WWE ring due to the promotion of the 2K17 video game. We have seen returns from The Ultimate Warrior, Sting in the past couple of years for the same reason. WWE Universe has not witnessed Bill Goldberg since he departed from the company, the night after Wrestlemania 20. It has been 12 long years since the night when Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the referee. It match eventually marked final for both Brock Lesnar and Goldberg’s departure, back then.