It may appear as pure awkwardness to the Undertaker fans, but it does prove once again how much the real events of the world can hunt down a dominating wrestler too. It was for weeks now where the Undertaker’s appearance in the UK tour had been a constant topic of discussion. He decided not to show up in the tour, finally. As per the rumors, the recent acts of terror in Europe is the reason behind Undertaker’s canceled appearances during the tour.
Undertaker was scheduled to appear on April 19th in London for SmackDown, April 20th Newcastle, April 21st in Brussels, April 22nd in Paris and April 23rd in Malaga as per the reports from
The absence of the Phenom in the UK tour put a big question mark over his WWE career. Especially after, the rumor broke out that Undertaker was seen telling people at backstage that the Hell in a Cell match against Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania 32 will be his last. The further fuel was added to the fact that Undertaker has left his wrestling gloves inside the ring after the match which stole the entire show.

Wrestling Observer also reports that the reason behind Undertaker’s absence from the UK tour is the terrorism that has been prevailing in Europe for past few months. The reports also say that recent massacre in France and Belgium within a span of six months barred the wrestler from appearing in the shows.
The real reason behind his absence is still not known concretely but he was scheduled to appear in a number of shows, previously, which was toned down to only two events before he was completely removed from the tour.

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