This year Wrestlemania is happening in the midst of crisis and WWE Creative is pulling out all the stops to take out the best out of them to satisfy the biggest crowd so far in the Wrestlemania history. WWE Creative is working hard to present as many legends as they can in the show of shows.

With a shocker appearance by “here comes the money” Shane McMahon that turned the WWE universe upside down, they are now trying to make another grandest entry at the grandest stage. The latest rumor suggests that the legendary Sting may return to Wrestlemania for one last time to lock horn against none other than Undertaker.

The rumor was confirmed by which suggests that this rumor came into play after Shane’s return on Raw. It was earlier reported that there can be a proxy for Shane inside that hell in a cell structure. Now considering the fact that the stipulation around the match revolves with the franchise handover who better to show up than the “The Franchise, The Icon” himself i.e. Sting. WWE Universe will get to watch what they want to see from years now i.e. Taker vs. Sting at Wrestlemania.

Rumors also tell that Sting was thought for a short feud with the Wyatt family. But, now that they are scheduled for a big role in the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal that plan is diminished. Also, John Cena was expected to be one option as the said proxy. But, Cena has confirmed that he will not be performing at Wrestlemania and that being said there are strong chances for Sting to show up for one last time. As per latest news, Sting is in great shape for one last match. There has been no confirmation yet, but we are expected to get the same in anytime soon.

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