The promotions and hypes around the biggest pay-per-view of the summer have already been started with the blockbuster news announced on last week’s Smackdown that Brock Lesnar will take on the returning Randy Orton. Now, if you think that the stakes were never higher before then you are reminded to think once again as rumors suggest that there will be at least three main events on the August 21st night.
Latest rumors from suggest that WWE will stop at nothing to make this year’s Summerslam a huge success and there’s still a lot of announcement yet to come. Apart from the already confirmed main event i.e. Lesnar vs. Orton, by WWE there will be other three blockbuster matches in store.
The two main event championship matches are supposed to be revenge matches from the Money in the Bank scenario. Dean Ambrose is likely to drop his title at the Battleground PPV and if that’s so then we are going to see another installment of Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE championship.
Going by the rumor mill, there will an added championship once the brand split takes place on Smackdown and it is going to be the World Heavyweight Championship. After the Smackdown championship gets reinstated then it is going to be John Cena battling it out with his dream opponent, AJ Styles for another classic.
It was previously reported that Undertaker’s appearance at Summerslam can’t be nixed out totally and he may end up facing none other than John Cena. So at his time Cena’s opponent at Summerslam is not concrete.
Alongside these matches, the Women’s championship will be on the line as Charlotte will defend it against Sasha Banks. The entire arena will go crazy, for sure once the Boss picked the title which probably will mark the end of a boring title run of Charlotte at that night. Considering it is Summerslam some huge swerves like an appearance of Triple H or Roman Reigns heel turn can also be expected.

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