One of the most exciting events of the summer, WWE Money in the Bank for the year 2017 will take place on tomorrow night. This year, the PPV will be hosted as a brand-exclusive PPV on behalf of the Smackdown Live brand. With that being said, it is evident that the rumor mill is running rampant trying to predict the favorite one to win the briefcase which guarantees the superstar to become the WWE champion, at one point.

As reported earlier, Nakamura and Baron Corbin are the two favorite superstars to win the briefcase. Considering the history of the company, Corbin has the upper hand surpassing all the other competitors of the match.

It is due to his heel persona and the Creative’s intention to establish this guy as the future champion on the brand. There’s no doubt that the Loe Wolf certainly has all the tools to become a main eventer in the WWE. He just needs the right push in the right time and Money in the Bank is supposed to be the perfect opportunity for him.

According to, once Corbin wins the contract, he will hold it for quite al long time before cashing it in unlike last year, when Dean Ambrose cashed it in on the same night to become the WWE champion.

This would ensure that Jinder Mahal would continue his championship reign. Both, Jinder and Corbin are bonafide heels on the roster. So, it is unlikely that a heel will cash in the contract against another heel.

In the meantime, Mahal would start a program against John Cena which is supposed to end in a losing effort by letting Cena win his 17th world title. This would also pave the way for Corbin to capitalize with the briefcase in hand by cashing in and becoming the new champion.

He will be pitted in a full-fledged feud against the franchise of the company in order to cement his spot at the main event level. With that being said, Corbin is likely to hold the contract for a long time since this should happen at the end of this year. Prior to that, WWE would look forward to giving Cena a decent title run.

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