Formerly WWE had seen the dominance of THE SHIELD as one of the greatest factions ever in the history.

It may sparkle once again for them not as unite but individually. As Seth Rollins is enjoying his run as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, the other two are not too far behind in the pecking order.


First on the pick was Seth Rollins when he cashed in his money in the bank on the day of Wrestlemania and this was purely Vince’s plan which was made at the big day itself. He went on to defend the title against big names like John Cena, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Sting to solidify his legacy further and become one of the top most heels in WWE. But none of these stars are going to dethrone the champ as WWE is planning to put the belt around Roman Reign’s waist.



As per sources, Rollins is going to keep his title till next year’s Wrestlemania whereas Reigns is working continuously and able to maintain a steady pace and gaining some positive feedbacks from the fans. So the planning is to make him win against Rollins by making the storyline a sweet retribution for Reigns. Initial planning was to make Rollins drop the title earlier but it can continue till Mania which will create a history as the longest reign for a first timer champ and also create the perfect brand as “The Architect”. Considering the fact that Rollins ruined Reigns’ moment last year it will give him a chance to take the redemption he was looking for the last season around and go to the top.



Though it does not mean another Royal Rumble win for him as this plan is revolving around Dean Ambrose. WWE is planning Ambrose to win the Royal Rumble event and create a triple threat match at Wrestlemania. Reigns can face Rollins at Fastlane PPV which can create some kind of swerve creating the triple threat showdown at the grandest stage of them all.


The perspective is to keep these younger talents into the spotlight in the biggest stage which is a good thing indeed. Though some of the fans are speculating the title would be captured by Ambrose but it is an unlike idea. As Reigns’ efforts are finally started to be appreciated by the fans and he deserved a win at Wrestlemania considering the fact that Vince wants him to be WWE’s face in the future. It would be a great thing to see the three tearing the house down and putting down an instant classic which can be cherished in the coming years.

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