If you want to pick the highlight of the Wrestlemania 32, it would definitely be the moments when Shane-O-Mac did the unthinkable by leaping off the top of the Hell in a Cell structure. That single move which was life threatening stole the show entirely and moreover, Shane the performer in the match won millions of fans’ heart around the world.

The memorable bump was the talking point after the show was over and the question was, Is Shane OK, after that? Shane gave thumbs up to the fans when he was taken out of the stadium by stretcher. Fans were assured of his condition, though after seeing Shane limping out on the stage on WWE Monday Night Raw with a battered and bruised face. The moment WWE’s prodigal son entered in the ramp upstaging his father, WWE Universe went nuts with his presence. Shane came out to thank the WWE Universe and the fans, in turn, gave him a standing ovation he deserved, which took sometimes before things got quite down.

But, rumor mills suggested that the bruises on Shane’s face was a result of pure make-up and not real. Rumors added that Shane was spotted partying after the mega event without those bruises on his faces or neck.

These rumors coming from the sources downplayed the severity of the injuries that Shane took during the match. The bruises may not be true but no one can ever forget the breathtaking bump Shane took directly through a table from the top of the cell. Even if you watch the video footage right now, it will give goosebumps. In his age of 46, taking a bump like that is a daredevil act, literally playing with his life. He proved why he is called crazy Shane and deserved the ovation, rightfully.

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