Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker are all set to finish their eventful feud inside the unforgiving steel structure. Rumors are running rampage about the winner of the match. Whatever the result comes out to be, the two are going to take a break from  for the later part of the year as per Wrestling Observer Newsletter.


When it comes to the outcome of the match there many newsworthy and impending answers are roaming around the internet. Most likely, though, Lesnar is impending to walk out of the match raising his hands high above. The other option is to make Lesnar lose by a star’s interference creating a feud with him thereby. So major swerve and returns can be expected on Sunday.




John Cena’s opponent at Hell in a Cell is still a mystery and defending his title on the same night was a major last minute decision by the WWE Creative. And they are not done yet, still contemplating the possible outcomes and options. According to Cagesideseats, Cena would be appearing on the next night on RAW. So the possibility is he may drop the title on the fallout episode of RAW and not on the HIAC night.


WWE’s search to fill the Hispanic void may come to an end if speculations turn out to be true. Alberto Del Rio is not featured in the Lucha Underground’s season 2 and in talks with WWE which means it is just a matter of time till he shows up in a WWE show. He may appear on Sunday night itself or most likely when the WrestleMania 32 season around. Del Rio is very keen for a WWE return, but talks should come into a fruitful conclusion first.

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