WWE Rumour: Nikki Bella to face Brie Bella at Wrestlemania 34
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WWE Rumour: Nikki Bella to face Brie Bella at Wrestlemania 34

Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Wrestlemania 34, WWE

The Bella Twins did plan a comeback, much earlier that came to fruition at the Royal Rumble PPV event. It was the historic 30-women Royal Rumble match where both of them were back on number 27 and 28 to make their presence felt in the match. Unlike the other returnees who faced early eliminations, the Twins made it to the last 4 women in the ring.It came down to Nikki Bella and Asuka in the final two spots.

In the end, the Empress of Tomorrow eliminated the elder Bella to win the contest and get a championship shot at Wrestlemania 34.

Since then, the Bellas were not seen in the WWE programming which is why we are wondering what their current status might be.

In what would turn out to be a wild guess, a possible update was given on their Wrestlemania appearance which might be a singles match.

In an update from the 434 Facebook page, it was stated that Nikki Bella might be planning to face Brie Bella at the biggest event of the year courtesy what happened at the Royal Rumble event.

While we were down to the final 4 participants in the match, the Bells twins worked together to eliminate Sasha Banks from the match.

Moments after, Brie was sent over the top rope by Nikki, herself who could not believe it actually happened. In this prestigious battle royal, every competitor wrestles for herself. So, this betrayal was foreseen.

Meanwhile, this storyline might be used by the creative team to set up an interesting match.

Both Nikki and Brie Bella are not regular performers in the WWE. But, whenever bigger occasions arrive on the scene, they get called up to the picture. Being part-timers, they can’t be used in the title picture. So, pitting them against each other will be a great idea.

However, this might not be the actual planning, at all and just might be a speculation. Nikki is still very much willing to continue her career on either Raw or Smackdown and hence might show up in the near future, real quick.

Previously, WWE arranged a feud between Nikki and Brie which was a disaster and the officials might not want it to be repeated, at all.

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