WWE: Rusev-Lana wins fifth Mixed Match Challenge contest

Arindam Paul / 14 February 2018
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For the past few weeks, WWE made it a tradition of hosting the Mixed Match Challenge in a live-format on Facebook just after the Smackdown Live shows go off the air.

Till date, we have four winners from this tournament. They are Sasha Banks-Finn Balor, The Miz-Asuka, Alexa Bliss-Braun Strowman and Jimmy Uso-Naomi.

Last night, it marked the fifth match of the series where the real-life pair from Smackdown Live, Rusev and Lana teamed up for the very first time. They were up against an interesting unit from WWE Raw which comprised of Bayley, the universal babyface aligning against Elias, the bonafide heel.

This team opened up the show strumming the guitar inside the ring.

Elias was seen having a heavy bandage in his ribs after getting attacked with the guitar shot from Braun Strowman on WWE Raw.

Despite this injury, he competed on the show. Rusev and Lana showed up wearing matching in-ring gears for the match.

Lana and Bayley started the contest with the latter one taking early control in the match. She gave a snap mare to stun Lana who wanted to take a breath by going into the corner side of the ring. Rusev was not happy to see her wife in this condition. The two women continued to go back and forth for sometimes.

Lana tried to use a guitar in the match. But, Rusev stopped her from doing so since it would have disqualified both of them.

Later, Rusev and Elias engaged in a brawl inside the ring. The Bulgarian Brute took control by trying to lock in the Accolade, on Elias who tagged in Bayley into the contest.

This dragged Lana into the contest who ended the match via the following actions, (courtesy WWE.com):

“Elias was forced to enter the ring to stop Rusev’s interference. This distraction allowed Lana to crawl under her opponent’s legs and yank Bayley’s leg out from under her. Bayley’s head smacked against the top rope and opened the door for Lana to pick up her first victory in WWE!”

This was the first win picked up by Lana in her WWE career.

So, the couple celebrated their victory after the match declaring that it’s officially the Ravishing Rusev Day. Charlotte Flair and Bobby Roode cut a promo to end this week’s Mixed Match Challenge.

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