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WWE Smackdown, this week will go down in the history books as the show featured the shortest match in the entire history of the company. More importantly, a newbie clinched the record against a woman who’s been boasting about his world records for the past several weeks. It was fitting that someone taught her a lesson for good.

As per the earlier announcement for WWE Smackdown, Aliyah and Natalya were scheduled to compete in a singles capacity. Megan Morant had a backstage interview with Aliyah before the match. She asked if Aliyah is nervous before heading into the ring as the match also marked her singles in-ring debut on the main roster.

Aliyah said how she dreamed about getting into the WWE ring since she was a little girl. Now she got to do that against Natalya, who is a Triple Crown winner in WWE. Aliyah hoped to put up a good show after which Natalya showed up to boos from the WWE Smackdown audience. She was also carrying a Guinness Book of World Records.

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WWE Smackdown: Aliyah Sets New Record Against Guinness World Record Holder Natalya 1

Natalya said that Aliyah should have no shame in losing to Natalya in her singles debut on WWE SmackDown because she is the winning-est woman in WWE history, and that’s just one of her Guinness World Records. Aliyah stated that she didn’t know if the Guinness Book existed for real to make Natalya angry.

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Aliyah toppled Trish Stratus on WWE Smackdown

Before the match could begin on WWE Smackdown, Natalya attacked Aliyah and beat her down before the bell. She unloaded with stomps in the corner as the referee warned her. Natalya continued to beat Aliyah all around the ring as the referee didn’t want to start the match due to Aliyah’s condition.

The referee was about to rule that Aliyah cannot compete, but she begged to start the match. As soon as the match bell rang, Aliyah immediately rolled up Natalya for the quick pin to win in seconds.

WWE Smackdown: Aliyah Sets New Record Against Guinness World Record Holder Natalya 2

Aliyah celebrated as her music hits. She headed to the stage as a shocked and disappointed Natalya looked on from the ring. WWE Smackdown commentator Irvin announced that Aliyah set a new WWE record for the fastest victory ever with 3.17 seconds (the earlier victory was set by WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus). Aliya’s win over Natalya is also being considered to be the shortest match in the history of WWE.

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