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WWE Smackdown April 11, 2017 Results 

WWE Smackdown April 11, 2017 Results

The show started as the first draft pick of Smackdown came out to the arena. The most predictable draft pick after last night; it is the United States champion Kevin Owens. On the commentary table, Byron Saxton was shown who also got drafted to Smackdown.

Kevin Owens entered the ring and introduced himself as the first draft pick for Smackdown. Kevin Owens cut a great heel promo where bashed the Americans and said that Canadians were more supreme than Americans. He called out anyone who had any problem with him.

Baron Corbin interfered him. He said that he knew Owens could beat most in that locker room but him. He said that last week he beat the Intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose so bad that he went to Raw. And last night Ambrose beat Owens so bad that Owens came to Smackdown. So Owens would not be a problem for him. And technically he deserved a title shot. Owens said that he did not care whom he beat, he did not deserve a title shot.

Sami Zayn’s music hit and out came Sami Zayn; the next major draft pick for Smackdown. Kevin Owens gave a great look of disbelief by seeing him at Smackdown. He said Sami could not be here.

Sami said that it was very much real and he was finally on Smackdown Live. Baron said that nobody cared that he was on Smackdown.

AJ Styles came out now. The fans went really wild. He entered the ring and the fans chanted his name. AJ Styles said that it was not Kevin Owens’ show, it was Smackdown Live. It was not about anyone but him; the house that AJ Styles built.

Daniel Bryan came out and said that Kevin Owens would still defend his title against Chris Jericho at Payback. Whoever won the match would officially become a part of Smackdown. That meant the title would not be defended at Smackdown until Payback. But one of the other three men would face either Kevin Owens or Chris Jericho for the title after Payback. He organized a triple no 1 contender’s match.

Match 1 – Eric Rowan vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton

The match being really dominated by the WWE champion. When Orton was preparing for the RKO lights went off and Bray Wyatt appeared on the big screen. As lights came back Eric Rowan hit Orton with the steel step and the match went to DQ. Rowan put Orton back into the ring and nailed him with a Full Nelson Slam.

Winner – Randy Orton by DQ

Match 2 – WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship – The Usos vs. The American Alpha

The match was booked for seven minutes where the American Alpha dominated most of the time period. It was a great match. It was booked really well, all performers were good and the match was very entertaining. Chad Gable got pinned at the end of the match. The Shining Stars came out after the match. The Shining Stars? Seriously?

Winners – The Usos (Still Champion)

Match 3 – Mojo Rowley vs. Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal was the next draft pick for Smackdown Live. It was also a predictable pick. The match followed a feud that started back at WrestleMania. The bookers booked the match for just four minutes. And it marked an easy win for Mojo.

Winner – Mojo Rowley

Shane McMahon came out next to address the Smackdown women’s division. He praised Smackdown for being the land of opportunity. Then he wanted to introduce the fans to the newest member of the Smackdown Live roster. Before that he called out all the Smackdown women athletes.

As all four women joined the frame, Shane introduced everyone to the newest member of the Smackdown Live roster, who came out to be Tamina Snuka. The fans were actually speculating to see Chralotte as everyone were chanting ‘woo!’ Even JBL admitted that it was not the one he was expecting. Shane McMahon then said that they had one more women to reveal, who turned out to be Charlotte Flair!

Some more names were revealed to be drafted to Smackdown. Among them there were Sin Cara and Rusev.

WWE Smackdown April 11, 2017 Results 1

Match 4 – Aiden English vs. Tye Dillinger

Aiden English would now be seen on singles action only after the release of Simon Gotch. They booked the match to promote ‘the Perfect 10’ who totally dominated the match and picked up an easy win. He pinned English after the Tye Breaker.

Winner – Tye Breaker

Dolph Ziggler Came out to the arena. He said that he was biggest asset of Smackdown. Shinsuke Nakamura interrupted him. As Nakamura entered the ring Ziggler attempted to attack him with the Superkick, Nakamura blocked it as Ziggler avoided the further fight.

The next draft pick revealed to be a big one! It was actually not one, but three. Smackdown Live’s newest draft picks are the New Day! It was a great pick for Smackdown and a huge boost for the Smackdown Women’s division.

Main Event – No 1 Contender’s match for the United States championship – Baron Corbin vs. Sami Zayn vs. AJ Styles

It was an excellent match. No doubt it was the best match of the night. They booked the match for fifteen minutes and the three athletes did really well in this time period. The fans kept chanting the name of AJ Styles’ name throughout the match as if they only cared for him, not even Sami Zayn. They did a great job in arranging this match. One just could not put his eyes off of the match for even a moment. AJ Styles pinned Sami Zayn after the Phenomenal Forearm.

Winner – AJ Styles

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