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WWE Smackdown April 25, 2017 Analysis 

WWE Smackdown April 25, 2017 Analysis

This week Smackdown was a good show. A little bit predictable on occasions and on some occasions it was surprising. The show was definitely better than this week’s Monday Night Raw and without any doubt, the blue brand picked up the win for this week.

Almost every week Smackdown features some four or five matches. There were a total of five matches on this week as well. Among those five matches, three matches were really good, and the other two were average. Here is the difference between Raw and Smackdown. Raw produces eight to nine matches every week, but only one or two of them come out to be good. Smackdown produces four or five matches a week and most of them are quality.

Let us talk about the matches first. There were two beats the clock challenge matches to determine the no 1 contenders for the tag team championships. Both matches were average and on the second match, there was a shock. Breezango won the challenge and they are now the no 1 contender for the tag team championships!

It is not only shocking to see Breezango being the no 1 contender, but back to back two weeks two shocks on similar things, on both occasions, jobbers became no 1 contenders.

We are not sure if Breezango would face the Usos for the title at Backlash, because that would be horrible. A push for Breezango is not a bad thing of course, but a sudden push for the jobbers on pay per view is not good enough. You see, no matter how good they book Jinder in this process, fans would not be much impressed, and if they push Breezango for the tag titles on the same event, we are afraid, fans would never pay for such an event.

AJ Styles and Baron Corbin had a rematch from last week. AJ Styles won the match via pin fall this time, even though it was a roll up pin. The match was good. The segment after the match was even better. They are building Kevin Owens in a pretty good way. Hopefully, this post-match match marks the beginning of Baron Corbin – Sami Zayn feud too.

The best match of the night was the no DQ match between Randy Orton and Eric Rowan. It was a very enjoyable match, a good promotion for the house of horrors match on Sunday too. After the match, Jinder Mahal came out and cut a promo. It was a good promo. His promo tonight showed that he might not be as good for a main eventer, but definitely an upper mid card. The Bollywood Boys who were addressed as the Singh brothers along with Jinder beat down Orton at the end of the segment. The booking was cool. This faction build up is also good. The much needed heel faction is finally here.

Moving on to the main event of the show; Naomi vs. Charlotte for the Women’s title. The match was enjoyable and at the end, Natalya, Carmella and Tamina interfered to beat down both women. We expected this. But we also expected Becky Lynch to appear to help Charlotte and Naomi. But it is okay, they had to show the trio as a very strong force. The match might mark the face turn of Charlotte. This is a great piece of booking we must say. Now the women’s division will be really interesting to see as it will be more of a faction feud.

Final Verdict – It was a good show indeed. There were not much promos in this week except the first one between Dolph Ziggler and Shinsuke Nakamura. They need to make sure one thing; these two must not fight before Backlash. This will definitely keep things in ignition. Jinder stealing Orton’s WWE title after the brutal beat down was a good idea too. And the women’s faction thing, it was also a cool idea. Kevin Owens being a strong heel mid card champion also shows a great future for the blue brand’s mid card division.

Some fans might criticise for not booking Tye Dillinger this week, but we say it was okay. As we were saying earlier, they should not involve Tye in any serious feud before Backlash. Rusev’s small pre-taped promo sounded pretty interesting too. It sounded like he might go on to fight the authority upon his return. Smackdown is doing really good right now and it will definitely improve more and more.

Sportzwiki Rating – 3.5/5

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