WWE Smackdown full results: Jericho joins Ambrose and Reigns to demolish the Wyatts

Arindam Paul / 29 January 2016

Thursday night’s hottest show exploded on USA network from Tampa, Florida this week where the Unicorns alongside Miz kicked things off with lots of complaint in mind regarding their harassment at the hands of The Rock on RAW. Things really got interesting after the Usos joined the party mocking the Unicorns. The numbers were at their disadvantage but soon Titus and Dolph Ziggler joined them to even things for them. Four firing men then cleaned house and to set up an 8 man tag team match for the main event.

The Usos, Dolph Ziggler & Titus O’Neil def. The New Day & The Miz

In the exciting 8 man tag match, four of the prime babyfaces of WWE took out The New Day, clearing the way for Titus O’Neil to finish off The Miz with the thunderous Clash of the Titus. After the match, Titus celebrated with some especially honored students who were awarded 150 Smackdown tickets from none other than the Gator himself.

United States championship: Kalisto vs. Neville

Kalisto took inspiration from Cena perhaps, as he is ready to fight anyone and put the title on the line. The match turned into a high-flying one as two of the daredevils gave it all in the ring. In the end, Kalisto took the upper hand by hitting a modified version of Salida Del Sol.

Highlight Reel: Jericho Invites Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

Jericho turns his attention to the triple threat match for determining the no. one contender at Fastlane where incidentally Dean and Roman will have to fight each other. The brethren say they got no problem to fight each other as the tensed part was the inclusion of the beast into the mix. Wyatts interrupt by saying that they had already slain the beast and challenged the three for a 6 man tag match for the main event.


AJ Styles vs. Curtis Axel

Finally, the phenomenal one showed up in Smackdown. Following his Raw match against Jericho, Styles met the social outcast but make a trend of his own when he hit his signature move Styles Clash for the first time in WWE. After single-handedly countering the outcasts’ interference Styles countered the perfect plex to deliver the clash.

Charlotte vs. Natalya

After a tough fight, the Queen of Harts tapped out to the figure four leg lock from Charlotte. Following the win, Charlotte delivered a vicious assault which was saved by Becky Lynch.

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho vs. The Wyatt Family

Roman Reigns was about to get the pinfall to finish the match just when Braun Strowman made the match disqualified after pulling Roman outside the ring. This prompted an all-out Wyatt Family onslaught on The Big Dog, Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho. But Big Show emerged to seek redemption after being eliminated in the hands of Strowman. The four cleared the house then with Superman punches and spears.


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