WWE Smackdown: New Champion crowned

Arindam Paul / 15 January 2016

Just three days after Kalisto defeated Alberto Del Rio for the United States Championship in arguably the biggest upset in RAW’s 23 year history, the two Superstars’ rivalry reached new heights on Thursday’s hottest show in an epic United States Championship rematch in which Del Rio maged to gain the upperhand with outside interference from King Barrett and once again became the new United States champion.

In the early going, Del Rio tried his mischievous games as he tried to rip off the mask of Kalisto but the high-flyer countered with a missile drop kick. Del Rio too managed to get his pendant back breaker and whips down Kalisto outside the ring.

After the commercial break, Del Rio connects with a suplex to Kalisto. Wade Barrett shows up and stands outside the ring. Del Rio goes for the Double Foot Stomp, but Kalisto counters with an impressive head scissor takedown. Kalisto with a springboard seated senton. Kalisto with a springboard corkscrew splash. Del Rio regains momentum with a massive side kick to the head of Kalisto. Kalisto counters the Cross Arm Breaker with the hurricarana for a two count. Kalisto with a corkscrew splash and a spike ran to Del Rio for a two count. Del Rio begins to work on the wrist of Kalisto. Del Rio slaps Kalisto in the face. Kalisto with a jawbreaker to Del Rio. Del Rio goes for the Electric Chair, but Kalisto counters with an en zig Uri. Kalisto goes for the Salida Del Sol, but Barrett distracts Kalisto. Del Rio with the Cross Arm Breaker and Kalisto reaches the bottom rope. Kalisto sends Del Rio to the outside. Kalisto goes for a plancha, but Barrett pushes Del Rio out of the way. Del Rio rolls Kalisto back into the ring. Del Rio applies the Cross Arm Breaker and Kalisto taps. 


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