As announced earlier, Smackdown will go live on air starting from July 19th on Tuesday Nights on the USA Network. As a result of the brand split, we will see Smackdown heading towards its old glorious days where it was treated in a separate way from Raw and had its separate roster and championships. Now, with Smackdown having its own identity it will surely have a new show-runner, to say the least, and we saw the exact same demand on last week’s WWE Raw when the longest general manager in the history of Smackdown, Teddy Long was back to make a statement and much delight to the crowd.

After a long hiatus from the company, Teddy was back after almost four long years and announced his attention to getting back what was once his show. Though, Stephanie McMahon nixed the idea telling that WWE has not decided yet about who would be in charge of Smackdown. Later that night, Teddy Long would give the idea of making a blockbuster Fatal-4-way tag team championship match at Money in the Bank PPV and Stephanie made that into fruition, on her own credit, of course, and banished him from the arena.



Now, a report from suggests that Teddy Long was back for one night only and he has no long-term plan going with WWE, whatsoever. So, there are least chances of Teddy being reintroduced as the general manager of Smackdown.

Speaking of Smackdown the Hall of Famer Booker-T disclosed the most interesting part of the brand split i.e. new championships are going to be introduced. While discussing the brand split Booker said:

“I am going to sit back and watch it just like everybody else. I’m excited about the brand extension. I’m excited because it’s going to give us a chance to see two champions again. From a tag team perspective. From a heavyweight perspective. Another belt may be implemented. I’m looking forward to seeing the younger guys go out there and seeing what WrestleMania 33 is going to look like.” 


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