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This week’s WWE Smackdown marks the final live TV edition of the show for the year 2021 as the company continues the build towards WWE Day 1. The main-eventer of that night, the Universal Champion will return to the show after a week’s hiatus to grace the WWE Universe. Plus, the women’s title match for the PPV could be announced when the show emanates from the All-State Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

As noted, the Universal Champion Roman Reigns will be returning to SmackDown on FOX, this week. He will be there on the show to escalate the feud with Brock Lesnar for WWE Day 1 as the two are set to lock horns over the Universal Championship.

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Over on last week’s WWE Smackdown, Sami Zayn came out on a wheelchair with a neck brace on after getting a beatdown by Lesnar, the week before. Eventually, Lesnar also came out to the ring, trying to make friendship with Zayn by inviting him for fishing or hunting.

But then Paul Heyman then took the mic from Lesnar and asked what has happened to The Beast. Heyman began hyping Lesnar about how he was The Conqueror a few years ago. This resulted in Lesnar assaulting the nurses and Sami with an F-5.

This obviously raised the question of whether Heyman is still associated with his previous client. Then in a backstage segment on WWE Smackdown, Kayla Braxton asked Lesnar what was the point of what just happened when Lesnar said she should ask his advocate, Paul Heyman about those happenings.

Now, obviously, Roman Reigns won’t be happy after Heyman seemingly indicated to have a tie-in with The Beast, although he never directly admitted it. Even, Lesnar is also promoted to appear on the show which may be an indication that a confrontation between the two titans could be planned ahead of their title match.

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In more news from this week’s episode, the feud between Toni Storm and WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair is expected to escalate, further. Last week, Storm defeated Flair in a non-title Championship Contender’s match, but by DQ. Flair was disqualified as she refused to stop stomping away on Storm while she was down.

It’s yet to be officially announced that Toni Storm is the new number-one contender to Flair but she should receive the title shot given that she defeated Flair be it by DQ. It’s likely that WWE would announce Storm vs. Flair for either next week’s SmackDown, or at the WWE Day 1 pay-per-view on New Year’s Day.

The 2-on-1 rivalry between Happy Corbin-Madcap Moss and Drew McIntyre will also continue on the show. Last week, McIntyre defeated Sheamus in a singles contest via a clean pinfall win. Then in a backstage segment, it was shown how Moss and Corbin stole McIntyre’s sword Angela and ran away. Now, The Scottish Warrior would be coming for his sword chasing the two heels on the latest WWE Smackdown episode.

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