WWE Smackdown Live Full Results: February 13, 2018

Arindam Paul / 14 February 2018
WWE, WWE Championship, Fastlane, Shane McMahon, Dolph Ziggler, Smackdown

The scenario in the WWE Championship has changed abruptly with an announcement from Shane McMahon, last week. Due to this, two big contenders’ match was hosted last night that included one more name into the Fastlane main event for the prime title.

Check out results from the show hosted by the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield in California.

WWE Smackdown kicked off with Dolph Ziggler returning to a show for the already announced match. His opponent Baron Corbin never made it to the ring as Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn attacked him at the backstage area.

After putting him down, these two headed to the ringside targeting Ziggler. The show-off felt an assault too, thereafter.

The opening contest of the show witnessed a non-title match between Charlotte Flair and Sarah Logan.

Becky Lynch and Naomi joined Flair to provide her back up. Logan tried hard to overcome the resistance of the champion by hitting a double stomp and then sending Flair into the turnbuckle. But, Charlotte hit the Natural Selection for the win.

After what happened in the opening segment, Shane McMahon was furious. He announced two separate matches i.e.

Kevin Owens vs. Baron Corbin and Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler. If Corbin and Ziggler win then they will be added to the WWE Championship match making it a fatal-4-way.

The first match took place between Owens and Corbin and it turned out to be a hard-hitting affair.

Owens played the dirty games all alone since Zayn was banned from the ringside. He connected with a superkick but Corbin managed to come back to the contest with a sudden End of Days and pinned Owens.

The United States Open Championship Challenge was next issued by Bobby Roode. Randy Orton was the one to answer the challenge.

But, Jinder Mahal came out to cut a promo on Orton and Roode. His partner, Sunil Singh ate an RKO from Orton after coming to the ring. This allowed Mahal to deliver Khallas on both Orton and Roode to end the contest.

The New Day was out with pancakes to break a record of eating most pancakes. They were cut short by Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin setting up the already confirmed tag team match. Xavier Woods provided the distraction to Gable and Benjamin that helped The New Day to deliver to deliver a facebuster on Gable off the top rope to pick up the win.

In the main event of WWE Smackdown Live, Dolph Ziggler took on Sami Zayn in a singles match. It was another physical contest which saw Ziggler hitting a zig-zag but failed to pick up the pinfall.

Zayn countered with an exploder but the show-off hit a superkick to pick up the win. This means the Fastlane main event has now become a fatal-5-way match also featuring Ziggler and Corbin.

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