Rollins is walking with a moan on his face as Corporate Kane returns after Monday’s absence. Rollins says that it can be his last day here. Kane just ducts by saying that he is glad to fulfill his duties as he is no more suspended. Rollins is confident that he is going to defeat Kane at Hell in a Cell. Kane says he is going to be in a match because he is not having any injury which was shown fake on Monday. Kane then runs by The New Day who is upset for what happened to Xavier Woods on Monday. They were too treated with a match against the team of Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.



Rollins vs. Cesaro

Rollins is running into uppercuts after uppercuts and then has caught by the Cesaro swing. He is forced to take time out by running to the outside and take the upper hand by sending Cesaro rib first into the barricade. Further distraction was created by Stardust and The Ascension who is present in the audience with Stardust section sign. Cesaro keeps fighting though by delivering an uppercut on a diving Rollins and applying the cross face submission which he barely breaks by reaching the bottom rope. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion though comes out victorious By knocking Rollins off the top rope and hitting him with a pedigree.


The MIZ promises that no one knows better how to create buzz than the “most must-see” WWE superstar of all time and tonight will be no exception as Summer is going to drop a bombshell on MIZTV. So he advises the WWE universe to get ready.


Nikki Bella vs. Paige

Paige was desperate to make team PCB convince that she was not the one who attacked Natalya who is sweet and nice. Paige added furthermore that she is not going to jeopardize their friendship and calls them family. Though Becky tells to finish his empty speech quickly. They get interrupted by Team Bella as Nikki boasts that she is going to steal the title once again on Sunday. Charlotte says she can’t wait to get her hands on the no.1 contender till Sunday. Paige amazingly says Nikki can’t disrespect Charlotte, The Divas Champion and throws a challenge to Nikki who gladly accepts and emerges victorious by hitting a Rack Attack to Paige. Will Queen Bella again prove beautiful on Sunday?




MIZTV: Guest Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae

On the “Most must-see WWE talk show in history” The Miz sympathizes Both Dolph and Summer because both their partners had left them. Summer admits that she had overcome both Dolph and the Bulgarian Brute and it’s time to introduce her next beau that is Tyler Breeze from NXT as the “Prince Pretty” debuts on Smackdown and quickly proceeds to unleash a sneak attack on the Show-off.




King Barrett and Sheamus def. the Lucha Dragons

Clearly Barrett, Sheamus and Rusev is ready for Sunday as they take on the Lucha Dragons and despite Kalisto’s high flying offence distraction from Barrett and a Brogue Kick from Sheamus easily gives them the victory.



Ryback def. Bo Dallas

Bo brings up Sunday’s US open Challenge as he is going to accept it and take it away for the ‘Bomericans’. He also tries to sing the ‘Bonational’ anthem. But the ‘Boliever’ is a no contest to the hungry no.1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship. As he finishes off the contest by a meathook and Shell Shocked combination.

Later Kevin Owens arrogantly makes it clear that he is going to turn the Hell in a Cell show into Kevin Owens Show and retain his championship.


Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns def. The New Day:

The New Day’s smooth journey hits an extreme road block first on Monday when Xavier Woods was put through a table and now they have to take the brothers-in-arms, Dean and Roman. They together take out Big E and Roman hits Kofi with a Superman punch who is leaping out to finish off the job with a huge Spear. New Day will be in serious trouble if they don’t get Xavier Woods in the ringside on Sunday.

Later after the match Bray Wyatt interrupts by saying that Roman will have nowhere to hide from his fear on Sunday night at Hell in a Cell as he will see him inside the Steel structure with the show goes off the air.

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