WWE Smackdown results: Cena showed up, Ambrose vs. Owens for IC title

Arindam Paul / 08 January 2016

Smackdown’s USA run saw a number upsets following Cena’s sudden hiatus, a controversial Divas championship match finish and a brawl between the Lunatic Fringe and The prize fighter.

A fresh start ahead of the New year saw John Cena wanting to bury the hatchet between himself and Del Rio but the Mexican superstar declined which resulted in an ultimate Mexican Fight between Del Rio and Kalisto.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Kalisto

John Cena stood in the corner of Kalisto against the man who took the US title from him which at times provided the distraction for Del Rio in between the match. With Del Rio setting up for the Cross arm breaker, the acrobatic Kalisto did an incredible reversal to pick up a sudden win over the essence of excellence.


“MizTV Royal Rumble” special

As you know by now the guests of MizTV love to interrupt the Hollywood A-lister time and time again, this time, it was no exception and scuffled by New Day, Dolph Ziggler, Goldust, Neville and R-truth who eventually was imagining to answer Del Rio’s US Open challenge! A brawl broke out into the ring, resulting the heels quickly cleared out of the ring.


Dolph Ziggler, Goldust, Neville and R-Truth vs. The New Day and The Miz

An impromptu 8 man tag team match up was made following what happened on the MizTV. After Neville grounded the entire New Day members The Miz was left high and dry in the ring to be superkick and pinned by the show-off. After the match, Dolph reminded that the Royal Rumble match is every man for himself and thereafter eliminated his own partners from the ring.


Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch: Divas championship

Tensions were all around the arena as the two former best friends were about to collide in the Divas championship match. Becky was all rolling by locking his disarmed and the current champion was about to tap out as Ric Flair pull her little sister’s leg to the rope to break the lock. After that, the “genetically superior Diva” took full advantage of the distraction to roll Becky up for a dirty win again.


Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens: Intercontinental championship

Fireworks were all around the ring as these two hot heads got nuts in between the match causing the match a double count-out. It was quite evident that the squared circle is not spacious enough to hold the fighters as they took the fight to the announce table. After both men got counted out, the fight was on in the crowd, the ramp and under the tron. The finishing moments saw Ambrose driving Owens through a table down the ramp as the show goes off the air.


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