WWE Smackdown results: December 10, 2015

Arindam Paul / 11 December 2015

WWE’s most extreme pay-per-view is just 2 days away as the final stop comes in the form of Smackdown from Jacksonville, Florida.

Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio

After attacking Swagger with a chair on RAW and leaving the alliance with Colter Del Rio squared off against The Samoan Superman on Smackdown. Mayhem was just about to happen as Dean Ambrose, The Usos and League of Nations were present at ringside in their respective corners and it started when Sheamus and co. decided to pull off Del Rio from the ring early in the match commencing a four-on-four brawl thereafter.


Tyler Breeze vs. Dolph Ziggler

Prince Pretty almost dominated the entire match up, noticing the legitimate injury of the show-off and attacking it with a stomp, half single crab, sending the knee to the ring-post and even a dropkick to the knee. Despite these efforts, Dolph caught him with a superkick to pick up a big win.


Lucha Dragons vs. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods

Obviously, The New Day cut a boisterous promo before the match up mocking Adele’s new hit song ‘Hello’ and calling Lebron James, ‘Lebooty James’ and also declaring to overpower the ‘impossible’ Triple Threat tag team ladders match at TLC. All of these eventually went in vain after the masked one gaining the upper hand as Kalisto hit the Salida Del Sol to Xavier Woods to pin the champions.


Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens: Intercontinental Championship contract signing

The brass Prizefighter decided not to attend the contract signing and sending his legal adversary to sign the contract saying Smackdown as an ‘unsafe work environment’. However, it was a just a trick when he sneak attacked Ambrose from behind but The Lunatic Fringe took a little time to turn around the table as KO shielded it by sending his attorney in the harm’s way.


Ryback vs. The Ascension

Ryback and Rusev will eventually meet at WWE TLC after what transpired in past two weeks between them as Rusev alongside Lana graced ringside for commentary. Ryback took a little time to Shell-shock his way to bulldoze the wasteland and come face-to-face with his Sunday opponent, but the Bulgarian Brute decided to dodge any collision using his soon-to-be wife.


Paige vs. Becky Lynch

After slapping The Nature Boy Ric Flair on Raw, The Diva of Tomorrow faced the red-haired Diva Becky Lynch on Smackdown. Charlotte once again showed up in between the match but this time eventually distracted Paige for long enough to help Becky locking in the disarmer and make Paige tap out.


Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and The Usos defeated League of Nations

The main event saw a fierce main event between The Samoan brethren and League of Nations. After the Usos took out Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio with superkicks it was only a matter of time for Reigns to overcome Rusev with a big Spear. It will be interesting to see if they can keep the momentum for TLC heading towards this Sunday and we can expect a new WWE or IC or US titleholder.


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