WWE Smackdown results: Roman Reigns returns, Ambrose beat-down, Aj-KO square off

Arindam Paul / 18 March 2016

On a WWE Smackdown with a big fight feel, Roman Reigns showed up after three weeks after the vicious beatdown from Triple H. He seemed ready for a big fight to come April 3rd, at the grandest stage when he opened the show from Cincinnati, Ohio wasting no time entering through the ramp. The Big Dog recounted how he brought the “big fight” to WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H Monday causing him six staples on the head. His promo was short but impactful when he declared that another brutal beat down will wait for the cerebral assassin at Wrestlemania. (WWE Smackdown results are courtesy wwe.com)



Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz

WWE Smackdown saw two of the Ohio residents battling it out in the middle of the ring. The battle was a hard fought one considering that these two has a bitter rivalry. This time both the superstars were trying to reign supreme in front of their home state crowd. At the end, Ziggler super kicked the “money-maker” to pick up the win.



Dean Ambrose explains why he is prepared for the street fight against Brock Lesnar offering a glimpse of his Cincinnati streets’ upbringing.




Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Goldust

WWE Smackdown saw a slugfest between Bubba and Goldust. Bubba earned the victory courtesy his brother D-Von’s ringside distraction and the brief appearance of a table underneath the ring. A post-match ambush was followed by the Dudleyz to Goldust. R-Truth ran down to the ring to save his “Golden Truth” tag team partner. The Usos also came down to the ring to thwart the Dudleyz away from the ring.


Divas Champion Charlotte faced her WrestleMania 32 challengers

Divas champion Charlotte confronted the two women on WWE Smackdown whom she will face at Wrestlemania. She preferred to go back to the memory lane by calling them once “horsewomen” rather than getting heavy with them. Despite Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch’s brief sidebar argument over which one was more deserving of their title match at The Showcase of Immortals, Becky and Sasha turned their attention to getting their hands on the current title-holder who escaped from the help by Ric Flair.




Kofi Kingston vs. King Barrett

As Kofi squared off against King Barrett the fun was quickly brought in between with the League of Nations members bringing the 4-on-3 advantage. Besides the in-ring actions, an out of the ring brawl also followed when Rusev interfered with a vicious kick. Woods and Big E helped by pulling Rusev and Del Rio from the apron. This allowed their New Day partner to send Sheamus from the squared circle with a kick to the midsection before rolling up his opponent and score the victory.




Dean Ambrose calls out Brock Lesnar to fight him on next week’s WWE Smackdown

The social outcasts were out in the ring declaring themselves as the participants of the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. With the group discussions going on and pissing off the crowd, Dean Ambrose arrived thankfully to dispatch them quickly with a kendo stick. With the rumor going on that the beast will be present next week on Smackdown, the Lunatic Fringe declared that he will be waiting at the ringside next week.




Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles

With a classic battle going on between the two competitors, AJ was just one step away to deliver the phenomenal fore-arm to the Intercontinental champion. Chris Jericho’s music hit and the charismatic Superstar slowly made his way down to the ring. That slight distraction allowed Owens to deliver a running knee on Styles en route to his Pop-up Powerbomb for the win. Following the contest, Jericho hit with the codebreaker to make a statement once again.


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